From The Black Forest Of Germany

To The Rolling Hills Of Pennsylvania


JULABO was originally founded in 1967 by owner and managing director Gerhard Juchheim. Today, Ralph Juchheim keeps the family tradition of precision engineering alive as the President of JULABO USA. The name JULABO comes from the combination of the family name “Juchheim” and “Laboratory”; JU-LABO!

In the 1970s and 1980s, JULABO experienced some serious expansion and growth, allowing them to open JULABO USA in 1993. Located in Allentown, PA, the new headquarters enables the J-Team to sell, service, and manufacture all JULABO USA products right here in the good ol’ USA.

Now that you have a brief history under your belt, let’s switch gears and marvel for a moment (or two … we won’t judge) at our mind-blowing, industry-leading, amazingly precise products! From Temperature Control Units to high-quality Water Baths, JULABO USA is every lab technician and scientist’s dream!

But wait … there’s more!

We also proudly offer:

Refrigerated Circulators
Heating Circulators
Temperature Control Systems
Recirculating Chillers
Water Baths
Flow-through Coolers
Immersion Coolers
Viscometer Baths
100s of Accessories!

We are well aware of the intricacies and customizations each of your applications require. Our sales team, account managers, and in-house temperature control geeks spend countless hours helping laboratories and companies figure out which application and product will best serve their needs and solve their problems.

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