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Do You Have the Right Temperature Control Equipment to Advance Your Science?

by: Ralph Juchheim, President JULABO USA

Our primary goal at JULABO USA is to ensure scientists and engineers have the temperature control equipment they need to heat and cool their applications. When it comes to heating and cooling applications, testing materials, and simulating temperatures, there are many ways to do it and a wide variety of equipment available to help. But, not all equipment is equal, and every business has unique needs and goals. So, how can you be sure you have the temperature control unit (TCU) you need for your application and workflow? 

While it’s important to find equipment that meets your requirements and specifications, there’s more to making a wise investment than filling a functional need. The equipment you use is part of a larger process and workflow. Making a laboratory or industrial equipment purchase requires careful planning, consideration, and thought. It’s about more than whether the equipment will work and do what you need it to do; it’s about how well it will do it, and whether or not it can help you meet overall operational goals.

Here are a few questions to consider when specifying laboratory & industrial equipment

  • Will the equipment be easy to use? 
  • Will there be build-out or start-up costs?
  • How much space will it take up? Where will it go? 
  • How will it integrate with other equipment, products, and systems? 
  • How much labor is required to operate it? 
  • Can we operate it remotely? 
  • How expensive will it be to maintain? 
  • Will it increase operational expenses, including water and energy consumption?
  • Can it run more than one application?
  • How much training is involved in getting up-to-speed?
  • How long does it take to install? Will we need assistance with this?
  • What’s the impact if this equipment breaks or doesn’t work? Is there any way to limit downtimes?

The questions above are just a few things to consider when making a temperature control investment. Refrigerated heating circulators, heating circulators, chillers, recirculating chillers, and other temperature control systems have become more sophisticated over time, embedding more features, technologies, and advanced mechanisms. 

When selecting a TCU, it’s essential to have someone who can help you do two things: 

  1. Size a unit to meet your application requirements and ensure the TCU does what you need it to do. 
  2. Someone who can help you navigate your choices and think through how the TCU will fit into your workflow and operational goals.

The Benefits of Personalized Product Recommendations

Understanding how the equipment will affect your application and business is integral to making a wise decision. It’s so important that we don’t leave this guidance to just one person. Our account managers lead the process while collaborating with our in-house application scientist to ensure the unit is sized correctly and will enhance the application. They also consult with shipping, service, and our in-house electronics and refrigeration experts to be sure we’ve thought through every scenario about how the TCU will integrate into your facility and operations. 

Over the years, we’ve perfected this process; it’s one of our core customer commitments —ensuring every customer gets the right TCU for their application and operations. We call this consultative process —Personalized Product Recommendations because every purchase is personal. Adding equipment to your facility will impact many things, including people. Making the wrong decision has consequences. Our process makes it easier for buyers to present their recommendations to purchasing and procurement and feel confident that they’ve made the right decisions.

How Personalized Product Recommendations Work & What It’s Like to Work with JULABO USA

I invite you to watch our video playlist featuring Emily Sologuren, our national sales manager, as she talks about what it’s like to work with JULABO USA for your liquid temperature needs. The playlist features four short videos explaining how our team ensures you get the temperature control unit you need and how we support you through the process, including how we continue to look out for your best interests once the TCU is up and running in your facility.

In addition to helping you select the right equipment, our team supports you through the ordering, delivery, installation, and operational phases. The relationship doesn’t end when the purchase is complete; our team is there post-sale to assist with training, maintenance, service, and support. We want to ensure you get the very best equipment to support your science and innovation and that you know exactly how to use it to enhance your workflow and optimize your results. 

More Reasons to Choose JULABO USA

Personalized Product Recommendations are one of our many commitments to your success. If you’re wondering why you should choose JULABO USA, here are our core commitment to our customers:

  1. Personalized Product Recommendations to ensure you get the equipment you need
  2. Intelligent Design features that make your workflow and application easier
  3. Lower Cost of Ownership programs that extend the life of your equipment by limiting downtimes and protecting your investment
  4. In-depth technical support throughout the lifetime of your JULABO
  5.  An ongoing Commitment to Science & Industry and sharing information about how the laws of thermodynamics affect research, discoveries, and innovation

Invitation to A Free Consultation

If you’re planning a new project, looking for a circulator, chiller, or liquid temperature control equipment to heat and cool your applications and processes, I’d like to personally invite you to experience what it’s like to get a Personalized Product Recommendation from JULABO USA. Every consultation is free, and the information and insight you gain from the process are priceless. I invite you to try it next time you need a temperature control solution.

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