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JULABO US Releases First-of-its-Kind Formula App

Available now, the JULABO US app offers industries a new way to determine the products they need for highly-sensitive temperature control applications. The app impacts industries that depend on advanced temperature control equipment to test, monitor, research and produce products and services. Industries include but aren’t limited to biotech, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, agriculture, health care, automotive, energy, aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, academics, geology, oceanography and construction.  

JULABO US, which supplies temperature control solutions for science, research, laboratory and industry, uses a multi-step formula to recommend the best equipment to suit a customer’s needs. Until now, customers have had to depend on JULABO US or its competitors’ expertise when choosing the right temperature control equipment for their processes. Now, with the launch of the app, laboratories, research centers and industries can determine the recommended heating and cooling capacities they need to achieve the desired results.

Ralph Juchheim, president of JULABO US, explains the app’s intent: “We’re taking the guesswork out of the buying process by giving companies and organizations access to a formula that we’ve relied on for years.” What used to be a series of calculations and spreadsheets to determine necessary heating and cooling capacities is now a part of the app. “We’ve wanted to develop something like this for several years,” adds Juchheim, “and we’re really excited about its implications for transforming a variety of industries.”

JULABO US’s director of sales and marketing Dirk Frese adds, “The calculations that are part of the app haven’t been readily available until now. They’ve been the intellectual property of equipment manufacturers or part of some textbook. No one has made it easy to determine the heating and cooling capacities required for a specific type of reaction. JULABO’s formula app modernizes the calculation. It makes equipment recommendations based on specific inputs used in a scientific process or application. It’s similar to using an app on your smartphone to calculate a measurement; you don’t need the ruler or tape measure anymore.”

The formula includes a calculation based on eight input fields: the type of bath fluid used, circulator and hose volume, the type of reactor fluid used, reactor volume, starting temperature, end or target temperature, desired time to the target temperature and estimated heat loss.

“We want to be transparent about our recommendations,” says Frese and “we want all sorts of people to use the app: current customers, prospective customers, our sales team and anyone who needs to know that the temperature control equipment they’re considering will do what they need it to do.”

The goal of the app isn’t just to simplify the decision-making process; it’s also to make it more human. “We don’t want people to have to go through a roster of different contacts and data to get what they need or to make a decision,” says Frese. “We want the process of finding equipment to be approachable,”  he adds. The app has been designed to connect people directly with their sales representatives and includes an introductory video from each of the representatives to help build the relationship. There’s also a built-in tab called “The Hub,” where people can see current sales, promotions and upcoming industry events or trade shows.

The JULABO US formula app is the first of its kind in the industry, and the company’s leadership team put a lot of thought into how it would work. “We know aesthetics and usability are important to the experience,” Frese points out. “We found a wonderful photo that speaks to temperature control. It is from an Uruguayan artist and we tracked him down to get the rights to use it. It shows the cool ocean waters contrasted against hot lava. It’s really beautiful and sets the tone for what we’re trying to do here. We want the experience to be powerful,” Frese concludes.

JULABO US’s app is free and available for download on Apple and Android devices. The company will be adding the formula to its website soon.

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