Particle filter for cooling water cycle 8920000

Particle filter for cooling water cycle (for water-cooled models). For use with: FPW52-SL, FPW52-SL, FPW52-SL-150C, FPW55-SL, FPW55-SL, FPW55-SL-150C, FPW90-SL, FPW90-SL, FPW90-SL-150C, FPW91-SL, FPW91-SL, FW95-SL, PRESTO W40, PRESTO W50, PRESTO W50t, PRESTO W55, PRESTO W80, PRESTO W80t, PRESTO W85, PRESTO W85t, PRESTO W91, PRESTO W91tt, PRESTO W91x, PRESTO W92, PRESTO W92tt, PRESTO W92ttx, PRESTO W92x, FLW1701, FLW1703, FLW2503, FLW2506, FLW4003, FLW4006, FLW7006, FLW11006, FLW20006.


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