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DYNEO DD refrigerated circulators have a wide working temperature range. Refrigerated circulators are suitable for both internal and external applications. The multilingual 3.5-inch color display and unique rotary knob provide for straightforward and intuitive operation. Pump capacity is 22 l/min with pressure of 0.6 bar. The cooling machines operate precisely and reliably even at elevated ambient temperatures up to +40 °C.

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  • Powerful cooling machines
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Optimized cooling coil design saves space in the bath tank
  • Powerful and infinitely adjustable pressure pump
  • Flow rate 22 l/min, pressure 0.6 bar
  • Easy switching between internal and external circulation
  • Large color TFT display, multilingual interface
  • Central rotary knob (controller) simplifies operation
  • Integrated programmer
  • Integrated external Pt100 connection
  • USB port
  • RS232 interface or analog interfaces (optional)
  • Bath cover included with delivery
  • Integrated drain makes emptying liquid easy and safe.

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Working Temperature Range (°C)

Temperature Stability (°C)

Display Resolution

Temperature Display

Heating Capacity (kW)

Cooling Capacity

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Pump capacity Flow Rate (l/min)

Pump Capacity Flow Pressure (psi)

Bath opening / bath depth (W x L / D inch)

Pump Connections

Barbed fittings diameter (inner dia. / mm)

Filling Volume Liters


Global Warming Potential for Refrigerant

Carbon dioxide equivalent (t)

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Bath Tank

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Cooling of Compressor

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