Leave The Installation

To Us


There are a few things that you should always leave to an expert – French cooking, anything to do with plumbing and installing your new temperature control hardware. Look, we KNOW you are smart guys and gals and could probably figure this out yourself, but why take the risk?! Call in our J-Team to install your new equipment, ensuring it’s set up quickly and accurately. Our team is ready to travel to any location and installation services are billed with a daily fee, plus travel and expenses.

Our On-Site Installation Includes:

Installation: Our Temperature Control Specialist guarantees the setup of your new equipment, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Calibration: Once installed, our specialist calibrates and adjusts your new equipment. We’ll help connect and validate any additional JULABO equipment you purchased. We’ll also test application operation to make sure everything is working properly.

Training: Our specialist will walk you and your team through your new equipment. We’ll also show you how to use JULABO software if purchased. We’ll even share our best maintenance tips with you before we leave.

By the time the installation is complete, your system and your team are ready to rock. Let the reactions begin!

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