vDelivery: You’re Just A Click Away

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Julabo USA Vdelivery
You’re the proud new owner (or user) of JULABO USA’s temperature control hardware. Congrats! But now what do you do? To ensure you and your new equipment live happily ever after, the J-Team offers vDelivery, our complimentary, all-inclusive virtual setup program. Our team will help you set up, troubleshoot and offer any advice you need to make sure you’re getting the most value from your new equipment.

Our vDelivery service makes it easy to work with our team. They just connect via a screen share or live video to walk you through the set up or troubleshooting. Not only do we answer any questions you have, we also share some of our own tips and tricks so you’re operating your new solutions like a pro. Our vDelivery services offer the most comprehensive setup support so you’ll be the king of the lab in no time!

vDelivery helps you:

  • Correctly set up and configure your equipment
  • Reduce application downtime
  • Answer any and all questions
  • Become king of the lab

We’re not happy just making industry-leading temperature control hardware. We want our customers to get the most benefit from each component they buy. So we make sure our support is just as precise and innovative as our research and development.

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