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Work Your Magic with the All-New MAGIO Heated and Refrigerated Circulators

Get ready to add some practical magic to your lab. The all-new MAGIO heating and refrigerated/heating circulators make it easier than ever to control temperature applications.
The MAGIO bridge-mounted, refrigerated, and heating circulators extend JULABO USA’s line of high-quality, innovative temperature control units. MAGIO’s powerful features, practical functionality, and working temperature range of -50°C to +300°C simplify even the most complex temperature control applications.


Discover temperature control so easy; you’ll think it’s magic. Whether you’re looking to heat or cool internal or external temperature applications, there’s a MAGIO that will make your life easier. MAGIO circulators are available in various combinations and sizes, offering high heating and cooling capacities that guarantee fast heat-up and cool-down times. MAGIOs heating circulators offer up to 3kW of heating power and the refrigerated units work reliably and precisely in high ambient temperatures up to +40°C.

MAGIO circulators offer precise temperature control for numerous chemical, biochemical, and biological reactions and applications. The MAGIO design optimizes internal and external temperature processes in numerous industries including pharmaceutical, biopharma, biotechnology, biochemical, chemical, petrochemical, cannabis, aerospace/defense, and more.

Typical Applications for MAGIO circulators:

Environmental simulations
Material testing
Cannabis decarboxylation
Extraction and solvent recovery
Warming reagents
Warming & thawing samples
Sample Incubation
Temperature control for rotary evaporators, jacketed reactors, fermenters, viscometers, rheometers, photometers, chromatography columns, and more.


Powerful, Adjustable Pump

The MAGIOs new, adjustable pressure/suction pump is unlike any other on the market, allowing you to fine-tune and adjust the pump speed to get the flow and pressure you need. Output values include 31 liters/minute and up to 13.3 psi flow pressure. MAGIO circulators allow you to adjust the pump speed from 30% to 100% to achieve higher flow rates, pressure, and faster exchange of bath fluids, shortening your time-to-temperature and providing immediate responses based on your reactions.

Exceptional External Temperature Control

While the MAGIO circulators can be used for internal and external temperature control, they offer significant advantages for external applications. The MAGIOs simplify and enhance temperature control across a wide range of temperatures from -50°C to +300°C and offer easy communication tools, remote control capabilities, and a range of data options to automate and streamline external temperature control.

Touchscreen Displays with Different Data Views

The easy-to-read, multilingual display offers high-resolution views of important information. Keep an eye on your application and control parameters with the touch of a finger. The advanced displays also allow you to choose from three different layout views based on the types of charts, graphs, and information you like to see at-a-glance.

MAGIO’s Multiple Interfaces

Multiple interface options (I/O) make it easy to capture and log data, control and monitor external temperatures via pt100 sensors and thermocouples, control operations from a computer, and add multiple accessories to extend your capabilities. The MAGIO includes RS232 ports, External Pt100 port, Stakei integration, USB slots, Ethernet integration, RS485, and Modbus TCP/IP integration. Analog options are available as an accessory.


MAGIO Refrigerated Circulators

The MAGIO MS circulators combine with JULABO’s 310F, 600F, 601F, 900-F, and 1000F chillers for powerful application cooling. They come in a 115V version that offers 1kW of heating power and a 230V version that offers 2kW of heating power. Chilling power ranges from .26kW to 1kW depending on the chiller you select (310F, 600F, 601F, 900F, or 1000F). Sizes range from 4-liter to 30-liter bath tanks.

MAGIO Heating Circulators

MAGIOs heating circulators combine with our JULABO bath tanks to offer a working temperature range from +20C to +300°C. MAGIO 230V MX heating circulators offer 3kW of heating power and combine with our BC6 6-liter tank, BC12 12-liter tank, and our BC26 26-liter tanks. The MAGIO MS heating circulator combines with our 4-liter BC4 bath tank and provides 1kW of heating power at 115V and 2KW of heating power at 230V.

MAGIO Bridge-Mounted Options

The MAGIO MS and MX come in bridge-mounted options that allow you to combine these powerful circulators with bath tanks up to 100-liters in volume. The 230V MAGIO MX-Z bridge-mounted model offers up to 3kW of heating power. The MAGIO MS-Z comes in a 115V option for 1kW of heating power of a 230V option for 2kW of heating power.


Whether it’s a heating circulator, refrigerated circulator, or bridge-mounted model you’re looking for the MAGIO line from JULABO USA offers precise, convenient, and reliable temperature control. MAGIO’s easy-to-use features, practical applications, and quality engineering enhance temperature control research, testing, and processing for numerous industries. To find the ideal MAGIO for your lab, application, and needs, contact your dedicated JULABO USA rep.


JULABO USA offers high-quality, easy-to-use, reliable temperature control equipment for laboratory and industrial applications. Our circulators, chillers, heaters, and water baths combine German engineering with U.S. service and support excellence. JULABO USA is committed to improving the temperature control experience before, during, and after every purchase.

Why should you choose JULABO? Our Personalized Product Recommendations use a collaborative approach that ensures you get the right temperature control unit for your needs. Our commitment to Intelligent Design means you get a temperature control unit that’s practical, reliable, easy-to-use, and enhances your workflow. Our commitment to Lower Cost of Ownership means a greater return on your investment through preventive and predictive maintenance plans that dramatically reduce downtimes. Our In-Depth Technical Support means there’s an expert available to assist with applications, calibrations, user training, routine maintenance, and other requests throughout the lifetime of your unit. And, our Commitment to Science and Industry means we readily share our knowledge of process heating and cooling and partner with others to advance science and industrial innovations.

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