JULABO USA, Inc. Welcomes Xtractor Depot, LLC as a Newly Authorized Service Provider for its West Coast Customers | JULABO USA

JULABO USA, Inc. Welcomes Xtractor Depot, LLC as a Newly Authorized Service Provider for its West Coast Customers

Official service partnership agreement promises to expedite JULABO USA customer service across the country

February 18, 2020 – Allentown, PA – Xtractor Depot, LLC. is officially an authorized service provider for JULABO USA, Inc., promising customers located in the western United States more convenient, expedited service on their JULABO temperature control units.

The agreement provides regional service for customers in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Xtractor Depot service technicians are certified to provide service, repair, and calibrations on most JULABO models. Some exclusions may apply.

All service requests will continue to go through JULABO USA. Service request forms are available online at julabo.us. From there, a JULABO USA service team member will quickly connect you to the appropriate service provider based on your unit, needs, and geographical location.

“We are very excited to have Xtractor Depot as an authorized service provider,” said Bruce Troutman, Service and Production Manager for JULABO USA. “We’ve been impressed with their capabilities and commitment to exceptional service. Some of our biggest customers are located in the Xtractor Depot territory, and we’re thrilled to offer this convenience to them.”

“We are proud of this opportunity to partner with JULABO USA from a service perspective,” commented Craig Rothlisberg, Operations Manager at Xtractor Depot. “As customers since 2018, we have always recognized JULABO for their excellent customer service. Even better than aligning with them, we can now be a part of that success story.”

Included in the service partnership, Xtractor Depot will have access to JULABO’s innovative service solution, LucaVision. This service combines the use of augmented reality and smart glasses to enhance service capabilities and reduce customer wait times. LucaVision makes it easier for technicians to diagnose, troubleshoot, and service JULABO equipment. The technology also allows Xtractor Depot to collaborate directly with JULABO USA’s technical experts through remote viewing and real-time communication.

Dirk Frese, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Service at JULABO USA, added, “Our technical team is committed to making this partnership a success by supporting Xtractor Depot with all the resources, training, and information they need. We invest in technologies like LucaVision so that we can collaborate directly with our service partners, regardless of location. By working together and using smart technologies, we’re raising the standard of service and giving customers what they need to keep moving forward.”

To learn more about JULABO USA, visit us at julabo.us.


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