That's [ you-LAH-bow ].

A combination of the family name “Juchheim” and the word, laboratory. JULABO’s history goes back to Germany in 1926 when Ernst Juchheim, a master engineer of glass instrumentation, invented the world’s first glass contact-thermometer with variable temperature adjustments.

In 1967, Ernst Juchheim’s son Gerhard Juchheim founded JULABO in the Black Forest region of Germany to provide liquid temperature control equipment to laboratories and industries.

In 1993 the JULABO company expanded its reach to the U.S. with the creation of JULABO USA. The U.S. company is under the direction of Ralph Juchheim, the company’s president. Ralph Juchheim is the son of Gerhard Juchheim and grandson of Ernst Juchheim and remains committed to evolving his family’s legacy in quality, temperature-control solutions for scientific laboratories and industries.

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“Working here at JULABO has been wildly rewarding in many ways! I couldn’t ask for a better work environment and I know that my efforts are valued!”

Melissa Schneider | Quality Department
On-Site Installation & Service

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On-Site Installation & Service - Let Our Experts Come to You.

When it comes to temperature control companies, JULABO USA offers unparalleled quality and service. JULABO manufactures and provides the most innovative liquid temperature control solutions. Science, research, and industry depend on JULABO to deliver highly precise temperature control for internal and external applications and rapid changes in temperature. JULABO is committed to environmentally friendly materials and complies with international environmental standards to protect people and the planet.

Purchasing temperature control products from JULABO is different than buying other lab or industrial equipment. Our sales team, account managers, service managers, and in-house temperature control experts spend countless hours helping laboratories and companies figure out which application and product will best serve their temperature control needs and how to ensure that investment works like-new for as long as possible. We back every product with unparalleled service to ensure your delivery, service, warranty maintenance, and troubleshooting needs are met.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Making sure you have the best experience.

At JULABO USA, we’re obsessed with two things: customer satisfaction and quality, which is why we were delighted to receive the ISO 9001:2015 certification with TUV Rheinland of North America for international quality management systems. The ISO 9001:2015 standard recognizes companies that deliver a consistent level of quality to customers by having well-defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures. Following the ISO 9001:2015 certification, we adhere to the plan, do, check, and act methodology.

What this means:

  • We don’t sit around, waiting to react to a problem. We review our processes, products, and services to ensure we’re continually improving and managing risks before they become problems.
  • We document and measure everything. Accurate records ensure consistent results in manufacturing, services, and performance.
  • We focus on results. After we implement a new initiative or make a change, we continue to review it to make sure it is effective, tweaking when necessary. Hoping we got it right just isn’t good enough, we monitor an measure results to be sure.

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The Human Element

Who you do business with matters.

We understand that every purchase is personal. The relationship doesn’t end once an order is complete. While product details are important, it’s the human element that matters more than any other feature or benefit. At JULABO USA, it’s our people that make the difference.

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Meet the Team

Ralph Juchheim President
Dr. Dirk Frese VP Sales, Marketing & Service
Zachary Adams Senior Project Manager
Sam Wolf Financial Controller
Kristi Lane Human Resources Manager
Tricia Anderson Finance
Tricia Bowman Marketing Communication
Chris Spack Operations
Melissa Schneider Quality
Mark Diener Sales
Michelle Sammarco Sales
Emily Sologuren Sales Manager
Lisa Sprenger Sales
Mathew Kaparic Sales
Marissa Webb Sales
Christopher Volpe Sales
Bruce Troutman Service
John Chavanic Service
Robert Fox Service
Nelson Hill Service
Annette Kromer Service
Mary Pop Service
Felix Silverio Service
Garret Slack Service
Bryan Barrett Service
Kevin Curry Warehouse
Sean Trujillo Warehouse
Theodore Herman Warehouse
Jorge Mulero Warehouse
Jose Guzman Warehouse
Ryan Gist Warehouse