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When it comes to temperature control companies, JULABO USA, Inc. offers unparalleled quality and service. JULABO USA distributes and services the most innovative liquid temperature control solutions. Science, research, and industry depend on JULABO USA to deliver highly precise temperature control equipment for internal and external applications and rapid changes in temperature. JULABO USA is committed to environmentally friendly materials and complies with international environmental standards to protect people and the planet. It is our vision to provide open access to the most trusted temperature control knowledge to advance science and industry.


The purpose of this ESG Policy (“Policy”) is to establish guidelines for the shared values of a socially responsible company, and to establish guidelines for the operation of JULABO USA, Inc. (“JULABO USA”). The Policy shall aid in compliance with corporate integrity, responsible product sourcing, and the safety and wellbeing of workers, as well as applicable laws and regulations. We acknowledge the responsibilities of each business decision in respect to the legal, economic, technical, social, and environmental implications as far as possible within our available scope of action.

JULABO USA is a multi-year, recurring Top Workplace recipient and is responsible for founding WISDOM, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities, resources, and support to female scientists looking to advance their careers outside academia.  WISDOM’s goal is to bring women and industry together to affect change, facilitate innovation, and develop women’s leadership opportunities in commercial science and industry.

Principles and Focus Areas

Ethical principles and values are crucial for guiding our employees towards responsible and moral behavior. We believe honesty and integrity are an integral part of our business and have the following values to support our business strategies and our commitment with respect and consideration for all our employees and customers. We are guided by these values as we collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which we do business:

Inspired: Each team member feels empowered to contribute their creative insights, cultivating a mindset that embraces creativity, innovation, and a continuous quest for improvement.

Curious: Fostering a culture where curiosity is not only encouraged but celebrated. A curious mindset propels us towards innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and ongoing learning, driving innovation and excellence throughout our organization.

Passionate: Passion is the catalyst for exceptional work and unwavering commitment. It inspires us to approach every task with enthusiasm, infusing creativity, and dedication into our projects, and creating an environment where each team member is empowered to contribute their best.

Authentic: Commitment to fostering genuine connections and transparent communication. Creating an environment where each team member is encouraged to bring their true selves to the table, valuing diverse perspectives and fostering a culture of openness.

Respectful: Respect guides our interactions, emphasizing the importance of treating each team member and stakeholder with courtesy, empathy, and consideration. This helps create an inclusive and supportive environment where diverse perspectives foster collaboration and mutual understanding.

Grateful: Fostering a culture of gratitude, we not only acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our team members but also cultivate a positive and resilient atmosphere. It strengthens our connections, promotes a sense of fulfillment, and contributes to a workplace where everyone feels valued and acknowledged for their contributions.

The following focus areas are an integral part of our growth and commitment to this Policy:

Happy Customers: Maintain customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey from point of initial contact to post-sale servicing.

Engaged Employees: Cultivating a workforce that is not just present but actively contributing to the success and growth of our company.

Healthy Financials: Keep JULABO USA financially healthy to ensure long-term sustainability, with adequacy of resources for continued growth.

Efficient Inventory: Ensure the right amount of stock is available to meet customer demand, while delivering financial elasticity.

Business Growth: Provide a growth strategy to allow JULABO USA to expand in the laboratory market and improve strategic positioning, while increasing the bottom line over time.

Our Policy defines the basic Principles of JULABO USA, and we actively demand that the same level of care is observed by all our employees. The standards of this Policy apply to every employee.

  1. Compliance with Applicable Law. We commit to maintaining high ethical and legal standards in our business conduct, and we conduct the business of JULABO USA with uncompromising honesty and integrity. Our reputation for adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and this Policy is more important than the personal advancement of any one employee. We will be honest and ethical in dealing with each other, with clients, vendors, suppliers and all other third parties. We will understand and abide by all legal requirements governing our business and operations. We will continue to strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in matters involving legal obligations, our principles, this Policy, or procedures. This Policy is not exhaustive and if a situation is encountered that is not specifically addressed by this Policy, we expect you to perform such situation on behalf of JULABO USA in accordance with our principles and the intent of this Policy. In cases where local laws and regulations are less restrictive, our actions are guided by the principles of this ESG Policy. Where there is a direct conflict between mandatory local law and the principles contained in this ESG Policy, the local laws shall take precedent.
  2. Integrity and Compliance. We are committed to the following, implemented compliance[1] measures.

2.1       Corruption. We do not tolerate corruption, bribery, extortion, or any other corrupt practice that may impede fair, competitive conditions. Our Officers, directors, [1]Compliance refers to observance of applicable legal requirements, regulatory standards, voluntary commitments, and internal policies employees, and agents are expected to comply with US and applicable international laws regarding anti-bribery and anti-corruption. Gifts made with the intention of influencing business decisions, or which could give the appearance of doing so or to obtain some other undue advantages are neither promised, offered, granted, requested nor accepted in our business relationships or in internal operations. We do not accept any such gifts offered to us. We are committed to compliance with the strict standards applied when dealing with parties to whom particular rules apply under criminal and civil liability (i.e. public officials). Any employee, officer, or director who pays or receives bribes or kickbacks will be immediately terminated and reported, as warranted, to the appropriate authorities. A kickback or bribe includes any item intended to improperly obtain favorable treatment.

2.2       Fair competition and Antitrust Laws. We operate in fair competition and do not engage in anti-competitive practice. JULABO USA is committed to continued compliance with state, national, and international competition and anti-trust legislation regarding price agreements, sharing markets, collusion, and bids. We comply with all applicable fair competition and antitrust laws. These laws ensure that businesses compete fairly and honestly and prohibit conduct seeking to reduce or restrain competition.

2.3       Prevention of money laundering. Money laundering is the term used for bringing money obtained illegally or from illegally acquired assets into the legal financial and economic system. We comply with our legal obligations to prevent money laundering and do not participate in transactions that serve to disguise or integrate criminal or illegally acquired assets.

2.4       Data Security. We treat third-party data with the same level of care as our own, ensuring the protection of all non-public business and confidential information in our possession. Our security practices conform to industry standards, and we only share data with third-party partners on a needs-basis as described in our privacy policy available at julabo.us/privacy-policy. Our data-processing partners also adhere to strict security standards, at least to industry standards or exceeding them. We comply with all applicable data security and data privacy laws.

2.5       Confidentiality. Every JULABO USA employee is required to protect both JULABO USA’s confidential information as well as the confidential information of JULABO USA’s customers and business partners. The proprietary, trade secret and confidential information of JULABO USA is a valuable asset, and employees must abide by JULABO USA’s policy and procedure regarding safeguarding of all confidential information. Additionally, all personal data is processed, stored, and protected in compliance with applicable law.

2.6       Export controls. We commit to adhering to the export control laws and regulations enforced by the United States. This includes providing our products, while shipping and exporting goods, without violation of any applicable export control laws and regulations, including those governing the destination, end use or end user, and U.S. sanctions.

2.7       Conflicts of Interest. We are committed to avoiding all internal and external situations which may give rise to potential conflicts of interest that might influence business relationships or independent judgment and come into conflict with responsibilities within the company. Every person in the company is required to immediately report a situation that constitutes or may give rise to a potential conflict of interest, in compliance with JULABO USA’s procedure.

3.         Health and Safety. We provide a safe, healthy, and sanitary working environment. JULABO USA considers the health and safety of its employees a top priority. We implement and take suitable measures in relation to health and safety at work, through the implementation of a company health and occupational safety management system that provides the following:

a) Compliance with the laws and regulations of the locations in which we operate, as well as our own safety guidelines.

b) Internal occupational health and safety studies to specifically monitor and improve working conditions.

c) Compliant workplace design, safety regulations and suitable access to personal protective equipment.

d) Preventative checks, emergency measures, routine maintenance, accident reporting and other industry specific procedures.

e) Access to water and clean sanitary facilities for all employees.

We strive for “Zero accidents and work-related injuries or illness.” We believe raising awareness is crucial to this effort. We provide training (safe ways of working, first aid, and emergency response) to help our employees understand measures we can all take to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

  1. Work Hours. Remuneration is based on applicable law and is supplemented by state and federal legislation on minimum wages. Employees are provided with detailed outlines of our compensation policies. At all times, we comply with applicable laws and working standards with respect to the maximum permissible working hours.
  2. Human Rights. As a company, we believe our business can only succeed if it is conducted in a manner that is respectful and protective of human rights. We recognize our responsibility to be respectful of human rights wherever we conduct business. The fair and equitable treatment of our employees, customers and other parties is a priority in our business. It is our goal to provide fair working conditions (including wages, social security, and the right to collective bargaining), and a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. We respect the personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights of each individual; protect the right to freedom of speech and expression; and have a zero-tolerance policy for treatment of any individual with physical and psychological hardship, harassment or discrimination of any kind.

5.1       Child Labor. We recognize child labor as a violation of fundamental human rights and understand our role in preserving children’s rights to childhood. We comply with all International Labor Organization guidelines, Pennsylvania child labor laws, and other applicable laws and have placed strict policies and procedures to adhere to age requirements. Our hiring process requires that all candidates be screened for age, education, and work experience.

5.2       Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Forced Labor. Any form of forced or compulsory labor, included forced prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, modern slavery, human trafficking, or comparable acts that involve the deprivation of liberty are forbidden by JULABO USA. All work must be voluntary, without duress, and it must be possible to end the employment relationship as permitted under applicable law. No employee shall be restricted through any physical restriction, abuse, threats, practices such as the retention of identification documents or their possessions, or any comparable act.

5.3       Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining. We respect and shall not interfere with, the right of workers to decide whether to lawfully associate with groups of their choice, including the right to form or join trade unions and to engage in collective bargaining. Provided such action is legally permissible, workers are free to form their own employee organizations or trade unions and to bargain collectively to pursue their own interest without the prior authorization of JULABO USA.

5.4       Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We are fully committed to a policy of equal employment opportunities. All aspects of employment are governed and administrated on the basis of merit, qualifications and competence, and are not influenced or in any manner affected by race, color, religious creed, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local laws. All decisions with respect to recruiting, hiring, and promoting for all job classifications are made without regard to race, color, religious creed, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local laws. These decisions are made solely upon the basis of the individual’s qualifications as related to the requirements of the position being filled. All other personnel matters, such as compensation, benefits, transfers, training, education, and social and recreational programs, are administered without regard to race, color, religious creed, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local laws.

  1. Environmental Protection. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through compliance with applicable laws and regulations to reduce our carbon footprint, energy, and water consumption, limiting waste and atmosphere emissions. We wish to create and maintain competitive operations, with a long-term sustainable future. We continue to improve our activities through occupancy switches throughout our buildings, adequate insulation, and partnering with programs that audit our building for optimized Energy Consumption.
  2. Responsible Sourcing: We are dedicated to addressing the issue of responsible sourcing in our Supply Chain and work with all our suppliers to ensure that they have compliance with various initiatives and regulations such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) and Conflict Minerals.  Compliance is fundamental to our commitment to environmental responsibility and product safety. We affirm our dedication to sustainability, health, and safety, contributing to a better and more environmentally conscious global industry.
  3. Supply Chain. All relations and communications with customers shall be based on the utmost integrity and compliance with applicable regulations. No improper or unfair business practices shall be used. In purchasing processes, suppliers shall be selected based on objective criteria, including price and service quality, offering equal opportunities to all suppliers. We ensure adequate competition among suppliers, for example by requesting offers from more than one vendor. We expect our suppliers to comply with this Code or to apply comparable codes of conduct. We encourage them to implement the criteria in this Code in their own supply chain. At all times, we reserve the right to apply this Code with our suppliers and to conduct checks as required, including questionnaires, assessments, or audits, as necessary. Should a check cause doubt as to whether this Code is being followed, the supplier will be requested to take remedial action.
  4. Commitment to Quality: We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality in all aspects of our products and services from initial contact to post-sales service. We firmly believe in continual improvement, customer focus, adequate training, product inspections, and other tenants of an effective Quality Management System. Our commitment is reinforced by our ISO 9001:2015 certification, a testament to our adherence to international standards for quality management. It is not just a promise, it is a standard we operate by.
  5. Administration. We constantly monitor this Policy and make reasonable efforts to implement and apply the principles of this Policy or modify this Policy in compliance with applicable law. All employees are made aware of this Policy, as well as other internal policies, and have acknowledged receipt of the same. Any violation of this Code may lead to corrective action, up to and including termination.

If you have questions about this ESG Policy or concerns about any conduct impermissible under this Policy, or any other applicable law or internal policy, first contact your manager. If you do not feel comfortable contacting your manager, or if you are a third party, please contact us at [email protected] or call us and we can put you in touch with the proper person.

[1]Compliance refers to observance of applicable legal requirements, regulatory standards, voluntary commitments, and internal policies.

(As of April 4, 2024)