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JULABO provides the precision and flexibility you need to accurately develop vaccines, drugs, biosimilars, peptides, and proteins with as much ease and control as possible. Benefit from JULABO temperature control products which are easy-to-operate, maximize space in the lab, save time, and allow remote communication

  • Mixture of emulsions, creams & gels
  • Coating of tablets
  • Granulation
  • Hot melt extrusion
  • Production of chemical drugs
  • Production of antibodies & vaccines

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Pharmaceutical Drug Development & Discovery

Explore how temperature control units (TCUs) affect drug discovery, development, formulation, and production. Learn to scale and fine-tune workflows using TCUs. Discover what you need to consider when choosing chillers, heating circulators, and refrigerated circulators to achieve reliable, reproducible results.

Quote "These chillers have the most stable temperature profile. These are the best we tested over my 30 years here at JPL." - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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