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Explore new possibilities.

Explore what’s possible when you accurately control and replicate temperatures in realistic and simulated conditions. Our temperature control solutions allow you to change temperature quickly and conduct fast thermic reactions without having to change the bath fluid. Research and development teams within the aerospace industry use JULABO products for testing, simulation, and innovation across a wide range of working temperatures.


  • Materials testing
  • Solar technology
  • Vacuum test chambers
  • DC/AC Converters/Inventors
  • Satellite testing
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“These chillers have the most stable temperature profile. These are the best we tested over my 30 my thirty years here at JPL.”

Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Accelerate your R&D.

Research and development teams throughout the automotive industry depend on JULABO for their testing, simulation, and innovation needs. Our scientific solutions are designed for highly precise temperature control and rapid temperature changes, allowing you to conduct extremely fast thermic reactions without changing the bath fluid. Our premium laboratory instruments ensure reproducible temperatures under realistic and simulated conditions across a wide range of temperatures.


  • Quality control
  • Clean diesel injection systems
  • Stress tests
  • Gearbox/bearing tests
  • Development of new electric motors
  • Component testing
  • Lifetime tests for batteries
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“We have the FL2503 Model and so far it works exactly how we want it to. I cannot tell you what all we have done to try to max out the capabilities of this machine but even when we think “well we need a bigger one” it does the job with no issues at all.”

A leading global automotive manufacturer and service provider


Reproduce living temperature.

A wide variety of industries use living cells or the extraction of living cells to produce cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, food supplements, and other products. Working with living cells requires the manufacturer to replicate the temperatures of living organisms accurately and consistently. Breweries, vitamin manufacturers, biopharmaceutical plants, and cosmetic facilities use JULABO lab equipment to achieve repeatable and precise temperature control for their research and development needs.


  • Heating and cooling of bioreactors to a stable optimum growth temperature of the cultivated bacterial, fungal, plant, insect or mammal cells
  • Antibody production
  • Protein expression
  • Control of enzymatic processes, e.g. wood pulp production
  • Brewing and fermentation process control
  • Cosmetic formulation
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Maximize yields and purity.

Temperature control plays a vital role in the cannabis extraction workflow. Attention to detail and optimization of processing conditions from extraction to component isolation remain critical to maximizing yield and purity. We have the scientific equipment you need to process cannabis safely and efficiently, whether you’re looking for assistance with extraction, distillation, winterization, vacuum distillation, or decarboxylation.


  • Solvent Extractions including supercritical carbon dioxide and liquefied hydrocarbons such as butane and propane
  • Ethanol Extraction
  • Processing Residues & Winterization
  • Falling Film Evaporation
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Short-path Distillation
  • Wiped Film Distillation
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“Working with Julabo has been a great experience. They have a recommended product for any application we have asked. There is no project too big or too small for them.”

Best Value Vacs


Advance your capabilities.

From K-12 and beyond in colleges and universities JULABO water baths and small chillers are used in subjects such as physics, biology, and chemistry alike. We have the laboratory equipment to help you teach, research, and innovate with temperature control.


  • Cultivation of bacterial and cell cultures
  • Biochemical pathways studies
  • Genetic engineering
  • Tissue staining
  • Viscometry
  • Microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
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“We have a few Julabo cooling and shaking units. I use the F12 and it helps me maintain the condenser cold in my distillation apparatus for hydrocarbon extraction from shales. We also use another unit for a CO2 based surface area analyzer, which needs to be maintained at 0° C.”

University of British Columbia

Food & Beverage

Cater to a changing market.

JULABO and its foodservice division fusionchef have the equipment you need to innovate your food and beverage business. Temperature control plays a vital role in food safety, consistency, nutrition, costs, and product waste. Cannabis legalization has created a demand for edibles and new ways to infuse foods with active ingredients and phytochemicals. Whether you’re manufacturing packaged goods, researching new plant-based alternatives, or creating meals for the public, we can help.


  • Vacuum cooking and sous vide
  • Thermal mixing and processing
  • Extractions and distillations of aromas, flavors, and phytochemicals
  • Cold smoke infusions to amplify flavors and aromas
  • Rotary evaporation
  • Ultrasonic homogenization
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Refine your processing.

Whether it’s crude oil analysis, surfactant analysis at the drill holes, gas testing, rocker tests, photometry, x-ray analysis, or other processes, the petrochemical industry relies on JULABO’s temperature control products. Temperature affects many of the properties and procedures that influence fuel quality and safety. Slight variations in temperature can have a major impact on rheometers and properties such as viscosity, JULABO’s equipment helps you maintain optimal conditions.


  • High-temperature distillations
  • Catalyst research & synthesis
  • Fast endothermic & exothermic reactions
  • Alternative energy research
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Discover the perfect prescription.

JULABO laboratory instruments help facilitate the research and development of new drugs and assist in the manufacturing of vaccines, drugs, biosimilars, peptides, and proteins used in the medical field. Producers of marketable pharmaceutical products such as injectables, tablets, gels, topicals, and other formats rely on JULABO for highly precise temperature control.


  • Mixture of emulsions, creams, and gels
  • Coating of tablets
  • Granulation
  • Hot melt extrusion
  • Production of chemical drugs
  • Production of antibodies, vaccines
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“We buy JULABO circulators because they perform. We like their heating and cooling capabilities, but just as much, the equipment is dependable. When it does come time for repair, they are readily fixed.”

Cambrex Corporation


Power your technical innovation.

JULABO heaters and chillers offer the temperature flexibility needed to manufacture integrated circuits, chips, and photovoltaic solar panels. JULABO’s industrial temperature control solutions provide the variety of temperatures required throughout the manufacturing process and offer constant, consistent, and repeatable results related to technological innovation.


  • Wafer manufacturing
  • Vapor deposition
  • Microchips
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Photolithography
  • Etching baths
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