Introducing the

JULABO Human Element

JULABO backs every product with unparalleled service to ensure your delivery, service, warranty maintenance, and troubleshooting needs are met. It’s The Human Element that sets JULABO apart.

Introducing the

JULABO Human Element

JULABO backs every product with unparalleled service to ensure your delivery, service, warranty maintenance, and troubleshooting needs are met. It’s The Human Element that sets JULABO apart.

When you love what you do, it makes a difference

That’s why people keep coming back to Lisa Sprenger

Lisa Sprenger, territory account manager for JULABO USA, is the kind of person people like doing business with and keep coming back to as a resource. Maybe it’s her vast knowledge about temperature control solutions, or perhaps it’s her unwavering passion for helping people discover what’s possible. In her six-plus years with JULABO USA, she still feels like a “kid in a candy store,” when she visits a customer and sees how they’re using temperature control to do remarkable things. Her work ethic is grounded in continuous learning, helping people, collaborating to find the best solution, and making sure she follows-up and follows-through with the right information at the right time. She loves her job and appreciates it more than ever. She’s often awestruck by her customer’s creativity and ingenuity and is deeply fascinated by how things work and come together to develop better products, research, and experiences. If you’re in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, or West Virginia, you’re in luck! Lisa is your dedicated account manager, with an emphasis on the dedicated part.

Learn more about Lisa and her approach to business by reading her full profile.

More about Lisa

Every day I discover something new, new industries will find us or an OEM will need our products to make their equipment work for a customer. You have all these meaningful relationships and all these different ways to help people. Our products are used in conjunction with other products, so we’re always collaborating and partnering to help find a solution. It’s never dull or predictable.

— Lisa Sprenger

We're all essential

Our shipping department proves it

JULABO provides the best liquid temperature control products possible for laboratories and industries. As good as our products are, it’s our team that makes the difference. Now more than ever relationships matter. The current global pandemic has revealed the massive coordination and relationships that keep our world going. Right now, pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs need a strong supply chain and responsive partners, and we’re there for them. Industries are depending on us to safeguard their process, and we’re happy to help. We’ve always been there for customers throughout the lifetime of their equipment —not just during the sale process, and we’re still here now. Our warehouse team has gone above and beyond these last few weeks, showing up and working safely to ensure our customers get the critical equipment they need right now. 

See how the JULABO USA team is supporting essential efforts.


I’m incredibly grateful for our warehouse, service and shipping teams. Our entire team, including those working from home, have come together in extraordinary ways.

— Ralph Juchheim, President, JULABO USA

High Tech and Human

Virtual and personal support

It seems Dirk Frese, our VP of sales, marketing, and service might be a bit psychic. For the last few years, he’s been working on some high tech, 21st-century technologies that have prepared us well for these strange times. His passion for innovation has made it possible for us to deliver, install, train, and service customers from afar. And while we’ve launched things like virtual delivery, augmented reality service through LucaVision, and holographic displays to reduce shipping costs, customer wait times, and carbon footprints, we’ve always done it with one thing in mind — helping people. Dirk was recently interviewed by Neil C. Hughes for the Tech Talks Daily Podcast where he shared how high tech innovation using a human approach can help propel us into a brighter future.


Technology has helped us prepare for the future and brought us closer to our customers. But, technology isn’t enough, you have to pair it with the human element. You have to make technology attractive, exciting, personal, and valuable to the customer and the relationship.

— Dirk Frese, Ph.D., Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Service, JULABO USA

Got Questions?

Ask Mark, our application scientist

Our senior product manager and application scientist, Mark Diener, is the expert you need for complex applications involving temperature. Mark can help you size a unit based on your specific application and talk you through processes and workflows. He often helps customers improve their process stability, heating and cooling performance, safety, and operations. He’s even helped customers lower their operating costs. Mark is a highly trained chemist. He studied organic and analytical chemistry, and has experience in material science, agrichemicals, and vitamins & fine chemicals. If you have a question, Mark is here for you. He’s even created special office hours, like a professor, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1pm – 3pm EST. He’s available any time, but he’s set aside this time just for you. He also hosts the Question Mark video series on YouTube.


Questions are at the heart of any good science, and I love helping people by exploring the possibilities with them. The process of questioning and answering can reveal a lot and often improve the application and process.

— Mark Diener, Sr. Product Manager, JULABO USA