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Virtual Installation & Technical Support

Our vDelivery services use well-known applications such as Apple Facetime, Microsoft Teams, and Google Duo to connect face-to-face for initial product delivery and set up, equipment installation, training, and technical support. Order your free vDelivery session at the time of purchase, and our technicians will take you through unboxing and start-up to get your new unit running as soon as possible.

Or, schedule our vDelivery Plus when you need technical support and in-depth training.

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Installation Operator Training

Onsite installation & training

Leave the installation and training to us. Our team can install JULABO equipment for you, guaranteeing that it’s set up accurately. Once installed, our specialists calibrate and adjust your equipment and validate any additional JULABO equipment. We’ll also test application operation to make sure everything is working correctly. Our onsite training sessions will introduce you and your team to your JULABO equipment and how to use it, including any additional JULABO software. We’ll even share our best maintenance tips with you before we leave. Reduce downtimes and acquire peace of mind with onsite installation & training.

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Extended Warranty Program

Upgrade your standard warranty to include Shield services. Shield includes cleaning and calibration, software and firmware updates, and replacement of worn parts. Buy Shield at the time of purchase or up to one year from initial purchase date at a discounted rate. Full price can be purchased after the first year and up to the fifth year. Shield also includes replacement packaging and shipping both ways of instrument in packaging. Coverage is for one year and begins upon payment of invoice.

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JULABO Crystal

Predictive Maintenance

Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball that could predict issues before they start? That’s the idea behind JULABO Crystal. A simple analysis of your unit’s fluid can help us predict potential failures. The minerals and elements in your fluid can help us detect deteriorating parts and expired fluids. This affordable testing is an easy way to make sure your unit is performing properly year-after-year. We have several kit sizes available, ranging from 1, 2, or 6 samples, with the choice of turnaround times.

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NRTL Certification

UL or CSA Inspections & Certifications

Need UL or CSA inspections or certifications for your JULABO unit? We’ve got you covered. JULABO can conduct the necessary safety testing and certification to keep you in compliance with OSHA’s standards. Add an NRTL certification to your product purchase and we’ll complete it prior to shipping.

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Rental Equipment

When You Need a Little Something Extra

Maybe your laboratory needs a few extra machines to make that deadline or perhaps some of your devices have been working overtime and need a little break. No matter the “why,” JULABO’s rental equipment can provide the “how” and the “now” when you need additional hardware for your temperature control applications. We rent equipment in a variety of categories based on product availability.

We also offer rental equipment through our new partnership with Advanced Test Equipment Rentals in San Diego, CA. Whether you need a short-term or long-term rental for testing, analysis, inspections, measurements, monitoring, or simulation, you can find the JULABO temperature control solution you need, plus many other types of equipment at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. The partnership makes it more convenient for laboratories and industries to access all the technology and instrumentation needed to ramp up testing and processing.

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If JULABO repairs a unit at its service facilities which is no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for any reason specified in the governing warranty provisions, JULABO USA will warrant for a term of ninety (90) days that the repaired unit shall be free from defects in workmanship and material only pertaining to those part(s) repaired or replaced by JULABO USA’s service department. This warranty does not cover repairs performed by JULABO authorized service centers or any other service center, whether or not affiliated with JULABO in any way.