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Meet JULABO Canada's Sale Rep - Marilyn LaPorte

Hello! I’m Marilyn Laporte, your local JULABO representative ready to help you with your liquid temperature control needs. I can help you pick the right equipment for your application. Let’s get started!

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Products ranging from -95°C to +300° C.

JULABO offers a variety of instruments in the form of refrigerated circulators, heating circulators, heating immersion circulators, recirculating chillers, industrial chillers, water baths, and immersion coolers. We also offer a wide range of accessories to customize and enhance your application. 

The type of unit you need depends on your application, workflow, the object, material, or substance you want to heat or cool, and a few other factors. But, don’t worry, I can help you figure all that out.

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It's never one-size-fits-all.

Temperature control applications rarely rely on a one-size-fits-all scenario. Our clients and customers use our products in a variety of innovative ways, and most of them need a trusted guide to figure out the best way forward.

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The biggest difference between JULABO and everyone else is the support JULABO provides. The difference between us and the others is that you know JULABO will support the product. We have various services designed to make life easier for the customer, whether it’s virtual installation and training, extended service hours, or predictive maintenance. If you’re looking for a worry-free supplier, JULABO is it.

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“Every customer wants the same thing, to feel 100-percent confident in their decision. My job is to make a difference in the customer’s life —to help them succeed. It’s about providing worry-free solutions that reassure them that they won’t have to face the same problems again.”

– Marilyn Laporte, account manager, Canada, JULABO USA

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If you are looking for liquid temperature control solutions in Canada, I can help you. You can email me directly if you have questions about our products or call me at 514-809-5111.

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