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Marilyn Laporte Focuses on the Business of Temperature Control

Whether it’s a distributor, scientist, or OEM, Marilyn Laporte can quickly find common ground with customers. As a French Canadian working for the U.S. division of a German manufacturing company, Laporte has a lot of experience adapting to different cultures, environments, and situations. Adaptability comes naturally to Laporte, who speaks both French and English, and was raised to appreciate other cultures and points of view.

Common ground – We all want the same things

Laporte is the kind of person who is eager to learn and experience new things. Her interest in other people helps her make meaningful connections. She knows that despite the situation, we all want the same things — to be heard and validated, to know that we’re doing the right thing and making the right decision.

“Every customer wants the same thing, to feel 100-percent confident in their decision. My job is to make a difference in the customer’s life —to help them succeed. It’s about providing worry-free solutions that reassure them that they won’t have to face the same problems again.”

– Marilyn Laporte, account manager, Canada, JULABO USA.

Why It’s Important to Think Beyond the Application

Laporte knows that temperature control solutions make a big difference in production and processes, but they also make a difference for the people who use them. For Laporte, finding the right temperature control unit is about more than just the laboratory application; it’s also about the workflow and limiting disruptions and operational delays. It’s about being confident that the solution will fit into the everyday environment of the lab.

“It’s important to make sure the TCU (temperature control unit) will run the application, but it’s also important to address the reality in the lab —what would happen if the application went down, how much would it cost them?”

– Marilyn Laporte, account manager, Canada, JULABO USA., on the importance of finding the right solution.

Working as a Team to Cover all the Bases

To ensure that every customer gets the best solution for their lab, Laporte relies on the technical expertise of JULABO’s inhouse chemist and senior product manager, Mark Diener. As she sees it, her job is to protect the customer’s business and make sure the operations run smoothly. Diener works to make sure the solutions meet their technical and scientific needs. According to Laporte, the two work together to cover all the bases and protect the customer’s business from every angle.

“When we’re talking to a customer, Mark and I listen for different things. He’s focused on the science and technical aspects. I’m listening to hear what this means for their business. I’m thinking about their overall business problems, and he’s making sure the scientific application works. Our efforts complement each other and help the customer connect all the pieces.”

– Marilyn Laporte, account manager, Canada, JULABO USA.

Specifying a chiller, recirculating heater, or liquid temperature control unit is highly technical. It depends on a lot of factors. Laporte understands the importance of asking questions and making sure customers understand how their answers influence the recommendation of products. She relies on a carefully curated process to understand both a customer’s scientific needs and the impact that a new solution will have on their operations.

“We need a lot of details to find the proper temperature control solution. Part of my job is to help customers understand why we need this information and how it makes a difference. For instance, if we don’t know someone’s ideal time to temperature, it can affect the cooling or heating capacity recommendations. All the thoughts, details, and data are analyzed and processed to make the best recommendation. Then, we also listen to what they want things to look like in the lab, how the process affects other parts of their business. From there, we can make a solid recommendation that people feel good about.”

– Marilyn Laporte, account manager, Canada, JULABO USA.

Building Other People’s Business 

Laporte’s primary goal is to help people protect and enhance their business, making her a strong ally for distributors, and OEMs who sell JULABO TCUs as part of their offerings. In addition to focusing on the application and sizing the right solution, she knows that distributors and OEMs are interested in building their business.

Through the pandemic, Laporte’s worked on virtual training sessions to help JULABO partners, including distributors, laboratory suppliers, and OEMs, thoroughly understand JULABO products and how they differ from others in the market. She wants them to have the tools and the knowledge they need to feel good about recommending JULABO products. “I really enjoy taking a creative approach and adapting my support based on what they need,” Laporte adds. Ultimately, she hopes that her efforts will help other essential businesses thrive.

Service & Support that Adds Value

Laporte may not have a favorite product, but she’s sure about one thing – she can depend on JULABO’s support and services to add value.

“I don’t really have a favorite JULABO product. Every product does something different, depending on the application. For me, the biggest difference between JULABO and everyone else is the support JULABO provides. The difference between us and the others is that you know JULABO will support the product. We have various services designed to make life easier for the customer, whether it’s virtual installation and training, extended service hours, or predictive maintenance. If you’re looking for a worry-free supplier, JULABO is it.”

– Marilyn Laporte, account manager, Canada, JULABO USA.

According to Laporte, day-to-day business challenges directly impact someone’s satisfaction with a product. People want to know what will happen if they experience an error code or an issue. They want to know someone is there when they need to expand their process or think through other applications. They want to know they can get new users trained quickly on the equipment and protect their data and processes. For Laporte, augmented reality service calls, thermal fluid tests through JULABO Crystal, virtual deliveries, and the JULABO app are great ways to support customers. She makes sure every customer knows that the JULABO team will be there for them long after the purchase, whether they’ve bought the equipment through a distributor, OEM, or directly from JULABO USA. 

Having Fun & Rising to Challenge

When it comes to protecting and enhancing her own business, Laporte has spent a lot of time reflecting on what matters. She knows that her success relies on her ability to help other people enhance their business. As such, she focuses on keeping herself mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. She admits she can be a little goofy at times. Keeping things fun and lighthearted can alleviate the stress of solving problems related to science, innovation, and engineering. She’s learned to adapt to various circumstances and bring her best self to the situation, and if that means breaking the tension with a little frivolity, she’s happy to do it.

Before the pandemic, Laporte, who is naturally outgoing, did a lot of socializing. She was often surrounded by people. She’s very grateful for all the support she’s received from her JULABO family and from her customers who help her feel connected to the world. To combat loneliness and isolation, Laporte likes to go out for a bike ride or run whenever she can. “Seeing people out and about, makes you feel like a part of the group, a part of something larger than yourself,” Laporte says. 

Finding the Silver Lining in a Pandemic

Laporte says that while many things have changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been some positive realizations. She knows now, more than ever, how important it is to have people around that you can rely on. She also emphasizes that the pandemic has spurred creativity and revealed new ways to help each other and improve our world. 

While she’s already impressed by the creativity and innovation she experiences when she works with customers, she’s also excited to see what’s coming next, and where the creativity will lead us. It’s important to her that she works with a team that also embraces creativity and possibility.

“I’m very grateful that JULABO embraces creativity and innovation. The company is open to ideas and listens to what employees and customers need. They aren’t too big to make a move or adjust. They’re very adaptable, which I appreciate. They don’t wait for someone else to come up with a solution. They aren’t afraid to try something if it means it will help someone. That’s the kind of leadership we all need right now.”

– Marilyn Laporte, account manager, Canada, JULABO USA. on why she loves working with JULABO.

Work with Marilyn Laporte

For those looking for liquid temperature control solutions in Canada, Laporte is a tremendous advocate. She wants to do more than solve a problem; she wants to make people feel good about their decisions and excited by the possibilities. If you want someone who will think about your temperature control from every angle, contact Laporte, she’ll be happy to connect.


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