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Flexible Financing on State-of-the-Art Temperature Control

The JULABO Subscription® model allows you to pay for our highly advanced PRESTO® temperature control units in fixed monthly installments. Now, you can manage your budget as efficiently as we manage temperature control.

How JULABO Subscription® Can Help You

Did you forget to budget for temperature control processes or equipment upgrades?

Do you have an unexpected need for a new and powerful chiller?

Are you looking to test a PRESTO on a complex application over time before you commit to the total costs?

JULABO Subscription® is the perfect solution.

How It Works

Fixed Monthly Payments: Spread your payments over time without any increases or surprises.

Flexible Terms: The standard subscription term is 36 months but may be extended up to 6 years.

Easy Cancellation: You can terminate your agreement with a 60-day notice after the first six months.

Seamless Renewals: Your subscription includes automatic annual renewals for 36 months or up to 6 years, ensuring uninterrupted access to top-tier equipment.

End-of-Term Flexibility

Choose various options at the end of each term.

  • Do nothing, and your subscription will renew automatically. Renewals will not exceed 6 years.
  • Purchase your unit upon expiration based on the details outlined in your agreement.
  • Cancel your agreement and return the unit.
  • Upgrade or change your unit by starting a new JULABO Subscription® agreement.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • JULABO Subscription® includes all the benefits of JULABO Shield, our extended warranty program, including free shipping to and from your location for warranty repairs.
  • Accessories, including fluid and tubing, can be included in the subscription or separated and billed upfront.
  • Available in the United States only.
Quote "It was the ‘rent to own’ option that made this offering so compelling. For the type of application this equipment will be serving, we may not know from the onset how long the unit will remain in commission. JULABO Subscription® gives us the peace of mind that we are only investing in this equipment for as long as we truly need it. It also allows us to have more freedom to upgrade our setup as needed further down the line and to retain additional capital for these upgrades as we continue to scale up for the months and years to come." - Stwart Peña Feliz, CEO of MacroCycle Technologies

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