The Magic of MAGIO Recirculators

Easy temperature control from -50°C to +300°C

Discover temperature control so easy you’ll think it’s magic. MAGIO heating circulators and refrigerated/heating circulators simplify even the most complex temperature control applications. Powerful new features and practical functionality make it easier than ever to heat and cool external applications.


Powerful, Adjustable Pump.

We’ve created the most powerful adjustable pressure/suction pump on the market. Our exclusive pump lets you fine-tune and adjust the pump speed to get the flow and pressure you need. Increase pump speed, reaction times, and results with MAGIO.

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MAGIO External temperature control

Exceptional External Temperature Control.

MAGIOs meet the unique demands of external temperature control and operate across a wide range of temperatures from -50°C to +300°C, making numerous applications easy.

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Touchscreen Displays with Different Data Views.

The easy-to-read touchscreen display offers high-resolution views of important information. Choose from three different layouts based on the types of charts, graphs, and information you like to see at-a-glance.

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Multiple Interfaces for Data Capture & Remote Operations.

Multiple interface options make remote control and data management easy, streamlining your operations and workflow.

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Easy temperature control from -50°C to +200°C

MAGIO MS circulators combine with JULABO’s 310F, 600F, 601F, 900F, and 1000F chillers
to provide powerful application cooling. The MAGIO MS comes in a 115V version that offers 1kW of heating power and a 230V version that offers 2kW of heating power. Chilling power depends on the refrigerated unit/chiller you select. The flow rate is 16…31 liters/minute, and the flow pressure ranges from 3.5 psi to 13.3 psi.

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Easy temperature control from +20°C to +300°C

MAGIO circulators combine with bath tanks to offer exceptional control for heated applications. The MAGIO MX 230V unit works in conjunction with our BC6, BC12, and BC26 baths and offers 3kW of heating power. The MAGIO MS comes in 115V with 1kW heating power or 230V with 2kW heating power. The MAGIO MS is designed to work in combination with our BC4 closed bath unit. The flow rate for all the MAGIOs is 16…31 liters/minute, and the flow pressure ranges from 3.5 psi to 13.3 psi. Both the MAGIO MS and MX offer a bridge-mounted version—the MS-Z and MS-X models. The “Z” bridge-mounted models allow you to use the MAGIO circulator head on bath tanks with up to 100-liters filling capacity.

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  • What are the benefits of the MAGIO pump?

    MAGIOs include powerful pressure/suction pumps with up to 31 liters/minute of flow and 13.3 psi flow pressure. MAGIO’s exclusive pump design allows you to vary the pump speed based on your needs. Continuously adjust your speed from 30% to 100% for higher flow rates, pressure, and faster exchange of bath fluids. These innovative, unparalleled pumps shorten your time-to-temperature and provide more immediate responses based on your reactions.

  • Are the MAGIOs good for internal and external temperature control?

    Yes, the MAGIOS can be used for internal or external temperature control applications. They offer significant advantages for external applications, allowing you to simplify and enhance external temperature control across a wide range of temperatures from -50°C to +300°C, making it easy to control and streamline even the most complex external applications.

  • What do people use the MAGIO circulators for?

    MAGIOS can be used to heat and cool a variety of chemical, biochemical, and biological applications. Typical applications include distillation, environmental simulation, material & component testing, cannabis decarboxylation, extraction & solvent recovery, and temperature control for rotary evaporators, jacketed reactors, fermenters, viscometers, rheometers, photometers, refractometers, chromatography columns, and more. They could also be used for internal tasks such as warming reagents, warming & thawing samples, and sample incubation.

  • What are the advantages of the MAGIO touchscreen and data views?

    The MAGIOs offer intuitive, high-resolution TFT touchscreen displays that are easy to use and view and can be controlled with a touch of your finger. In addition to multilingual options, you can also select how you want to view important data and information. Three large, predefined main screens clearly display data and graphics with various application priorities.

  • Which interfaces are offered and how does that benefit me?

    The MAGIOs, like other JULABO units, offer a variety of interfaces to make it easy to capture and log data, control and monitor external temperatures, and control operations remotely from a computer. The MAGIOs feature standard interfaces, including RS232 ports, External Pt100 sensor ports for external temperature control and monitoring, and Stakei integration for controlling solenoids and accessory. New MAGIO interfaces include USB slots, Ethernet integration, RS485, and Modbus TCP/IP integration.

  • What’s the difference between the MS and MX models?

    MAGIO MS circulators combine with JULABO chillers for powerful application cooling. When mounted on a bath tank, the MAGIO MS is a heating circulator; when combined with one of our chillers, it becomes a refrigerated circulator. The MAGIO MS circulator immersion depth is 150mm, and it has an operating temperature range of +20°C and +300°C. The MS comes in 115V version offering 1kW of heating power or a 230V version with 2kW of heating power.

    MAGIO MX models have a working temperature range from +20°C (or ambient temperature) to +300°C. These 230V circulators offer 3kW of heating power and have an immersion depth of 200mm.

  • Can I use my own bath tank with the MAGIO?

    The MAGIO MS-Z and MX-Z models allow you to bridge-mount a MAGIO to existing and compatible water baths with up to 100-liters of filling volume. The “Z” in our MS-Z and MX-Z models indicate that these are bridge-mounted circulators.

  • Which industries use MAGIO circulators?

    The MAGIO is a highly versatile product for controlling laboratory and industrial temperature control. It’s ideal for pharmaceutical, biopharma, biotechnology, biochemical, general chemistry, specialty chemistry, petrochemicals, cannabis, aerospace & defense, automotive, semiconductor, and many other types of labs and R&D facilities.

  • What are the other key benefits and features of the MAGIO?

    MAGIOs are engineered for durability and high performance using the highest quality stainless steel available and come with insulated components to reduce energy consumption. The units are easy to move, connect, and set-up and save space in the lab. Safety features include filling level indicators and monitoring and an automatic shut-off feature for low liquid levels and high temperatures. They over multilingual menu navigation and automated/programmable temperature and time profiles. The MAGIOs are designed to reduce condensation with integrated ventilation that detects airflow over the bath and minimizes condensation.