4L/6L lid heat exchanger 9970240 - JULABO USA

4L/6L lid heat exchanger 9970240


Part Number: 9970240

Bath cover with built-in heat exchanger. Stainless steel coils enable temperature control of a gas or liquid circulated through the coil with temperature control from the bath tank. 10.5mm hose barbs for use with 10mm ID tubing (SKU 8930010 or SKU 8930110). Accessory suitable for models: CORIO CD-BC4, CORIO CD-BC6, CORIO CP-200F, CORIO CP-201F, CORIO CP-300F, CORIO CP-BC4, CORIO CP-BC6, DYNEO DD-200F, DYNEO DD-201F, DYNEO DD-300F, DYNEO DD-BC4, DYNEO DD-BC6, MAGIO MS-310F, MAGIO MS-BC4, MAGIO MX-BC6.


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