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Recirculating Chillers

JULABO FC Series of environmentally friendly recirculating coolers save tap water and provide powerful cooling for short cool-down times.
FC units feature two separate Multi-Displays (LED) for actual and set point values. Models designated FCW are water-cooled which reduces the noise level and reduced heat generation to the laboratory environment. The units feature permanent performance supervision via sensors and pump motor and compressor overload protection. FC models have early warning systems with audible signal for low liquid level with high/low temperature limits as well as freezing/dry running protection. Units are conveniently filled from the front and have a removable venting grid.
FC units feature a built-in heater to facilitate cooling and heating applications for temperatures from -25 °C to +80 °C with an adjustable ratio for inlet/outlet temperature. Models FC1600T and FCW2500T have a Pt100 sensor connection for external measurement and control, temperature recorder and connections for external programming. All FC units have RS232 interface with connections for standby input and alarm output. FC models supplied with 2 barbed fittings for 8 and 12 mm internal ID tubing.
All models feature proportional cooling control which adjusts cooling capacity based upon the application and lowers energy consumption.

Included with each unit: 2 Barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 12 mm ID. (Pump connections M16x1 male)

  • Key Benefits
    • Adjustable ratio for feed/return temperatures
    • Easy filling system located at the front
    • Activation of pump for filling
    • Bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED)
    • Upper and lower temperature warning functions with interval tone
    • Integrated freezing protection and dry-running protection
    • Rapid and easy operation via seamless, splash-proof keypad
    • Liquid level indication on the front
    • Self-test, reciprocal sensor monitoring, pump motor and compressor overload protection
    • Complete shut-down with audible signal in case of an alarm
    • Removable venting grid for simplified removal of dust
    • ATC function for simple correction of temperature variations
    • RS232 interface for on-line communication (LIMS capability)
    • High temperature stability
    • Integrated heater with 1.2 kW capacity 
    • Pressure Indicator 0...1.6 bar
  • Specs-At-A-Glance
    Cooling Capacity
    °C 200-10
    kW 1.550.650.36
    Cooling Capacity

    0.36 kW @ -10 °C, 0.65 kW @ 0 °C, 1.55 kW @ 20 °C

    Heating or Cooling Capability


    Working Temp Range (°C)

    -15 … +80

    Pump Capacity Flow Rate (l/min)


    Pump Capacity Flow Pressure (psi)


    External Devices

    Remote Control

    Dimensions W x L x H (in)

    18.1 x 24 x 19.3

    Fluid Type

    Silicone, Water, Other

    Weight (lbs)


  • Available Power Options
    • 230 V / 50 Hz
    • 230 V / 60 Hz
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