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Recirculating Chillers

Part Number: 9673040

JULABO FL Series Recirculating Cooler / Chillers for routine laboratory cooling applications. PID temperature control provides ±0.5°C stability. Proportional cooling control adjusts the cooling power to the load of the application and saves energy. Units incorporate RS232 interface and alarm output for PC integration and control. Models include a splash-proof membrane keypad with LED temperature display. Easy filling / draining with a fill level indicator and overflow port on the back. Units constructed of stainless steel and high grade plastic with stainless steel internal tank. Centrifugal pressure pump provides circulation to external application.
Air and water-cooled versions. Units with 3 and 6 bar pump include internal by-pass for pressure adjustment. Analog pressure gauge on front of the unit displays circuit pressure.
May be used with water, water/glycol mixtures and silicone fluids.
The FL300, FL601, FL1201, FL1701, FLW1701 come with 8 and 12 mm hose barbs. The FLxxx3 models come with 3/4″ hose barbs. The FLxxx6 models come with 1″ hose barbs.

Included with each unit: 2 barbed fittings for tubing 3/4 inner dia. (pump connections G3/4 male). Cooling water connection G 3/4 male with barbed fittings for tubing 1/2 inner dia.

Part Number
Voltage Version
Heating & Cooling
Working Temp Range (°C)
PCF Pressure (psi)
PCF Rate (l/min)
Part Number
Working Temp Range (°C)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity
°C -20-1001020
kW 0.451.32.234.3
Voltage Version
Power A
Plug Type
PCF Pressure (psi)
PCF Rate (l/min)
Bath Fill Volume (L)
External Devices
Remote Control
Fluid Type
Water, Silicone, Water/Glycol
Heating & Cooling
Dimensions W x L x H (in)
23.6 x 29.9 x 45.3
Weight (lbs)
  • Ergonomic design and easy operation
  • Splash-proof keypad
  • Large, bright LED display
  • Reliable Microprocessor PID temperature control
  • Filling level indicator
  • Powerful immersion pumps, suitable for continuous operation
  • Permissible temperature in return line +80°C
  • Easy filling from the top with hinged protective lid
  • Low liquid level protection with optical and audible alarm signal
  • Integrated stainless steel bath tanks
  • Removable venting grid for cleaning of the condenser
  • Front drain
  • No side vents
  • RS232 interface for PC-connection
  • IP class according to IEC 60529: 21
  • Alarm output, potential-free change-over contact (max. 30 VA)
  • Pressure Indicator
  • By-pass valve to adjust pump pressure
  • water cooled
  • Adapters
    G 3/4″ Quad adapters 8970522 $1,746.00 View
    G 3/4″ Twin adapter 8970476 $369.00 View
    Adapter 8890040 G3/4″ f to M16x1 m $187.00 View
    Adapter 8890042 G3/4″ f to barb 1/2″ $166.00 View
    Adapter 8890043 G3/4″ f to barb 3/4″ $180.00 View
    Adapter 8890047 G3/4″ f to NPT 1/2″ m $185.00 View
    Adapter 8890048 G3/4″ f to NPT 3/4″ m $241.00 View
  • Bath Fluids
    Thermal EG 5L $217.00 View
    Thermal EG 10L $391.00 View
    Thermal C5 5L $894.00 View
    Thermal C5 10L $1,777.00 View
  • Filters
    Particle filter for cooling water cycle 8920000 $1,756.00 View
  • Hoses & Tubing
    Tube clamps 3/4″ 8970483 $41.00 View
    Reinforced tubing 8930319 3/4″ ID $88.00 View
    1.5 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930331 $149.00 View
    2 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930332 $161.00 View
    1.5 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930341 $185.00 View
    2 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930342 $216.00 View
    Insulation 8930419 29mm ID $51.00 View
  • Networking & Software
    Ethernet / RS232 interface converter 8980031 $2,257.00 View
    RS232 interface cable 8980073 $158.00 View
    RS232 interface cable 5m 8980074 $170.00 View
    Profibus DP Interface 8900020 $2,229.00 View
    USB to Serial RS-232 DB9 Adapter Cable 8900110 $198.00 View
  • Valves
    G 3/4″ Shut-off valve 8970454 $348.00 View