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Installation cooling coil 9970101


Part Number: 9970101

Installation cooling coil for counter-cooling with tap water. For use with: CORIO C , CORIO C-B13, CORIO C-B17, CORIO C-B19, CORIO C-B27, CORIO C-B5, CORIO C-BT19, CORIO C-BT27, CORIO C-BT5, CORIO C-BT9, CORIO CD, CORIO CP, DYNEO DD, DYNEO DD-1000F, DYNEO DD-1001F, DYNEO DD-200F, DYNEO DD-201F, DYNEO DD-300F, DYNEO DD-600F, DYNEO DD-601F, DYNEO DD-900F, DYNEO DD-BC12, DYNEO DD-BC26, DYNEO DD-BC4, DYNEO DD-BC6



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