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Temperature Control Systems

Part Number: 9421563

PRESTO W56x water-cooled highly dynamic temperature control unit. Range -56…+250 °C with 27 kW heating power and 25.8 kW cooling power at 20 °C. Gear pump 18…70 L/min; 11.6…79.8 PSI. Cooling capacities listed with 1:1 ethylene glycol/water mixtures at maximum pump speed.

Part Number
Voltage Version
Heating & Cooling
Working Temp Range (°C)
PCF Pressure (psi)
PCF Rate (l/min)
Part Number
Working Temp Range (°C)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity
°C -50-40-30-20-100-2
Voltage Version
Power A
Plug Type
PCF Pressure (psi)
PCF Rate (l/min)
Bath Fill Volume (L)
External Devices
Pt100|Remote Control
Fluid Type
Silicone, Water/Glycol, Fluorinert/Galden
Heating & Cooling
Dimensions W x L x H (in)
23.6 x 37 x 64.6
Weight (lbs)
  • Powerful circulating pumps, electronically adjustable in stages or by setting the pressure value. Choose between a magnetically coupled centrifugal pump or a magnetically coupled gear pump for pressures up to 5.5 bar and virtually constant flow rate at any pressure
  • Integrated 5.7” industrial color touchscreen displays all essential information and enables simple fingertip control
  • Extensive warning, protection, and monitoring functions with detailed self-explanatory messages
  • ICC cascade control for extraordinary precision, temperature stability ±0.05 °C ... ±0.2 °C
  • Ambient temperature range +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Integrated programmer with real-time clock
  • Filling level indicator and pump capacity displayed electronically
  • Interface for SD memory card
  • Connections for USB, Ethernet, RS232, and Alarm output
  • Integrated Modbus
  • Optional analog connections, RS485, Profibus DP
  • 1-stage water-cooled refrigeration system
  • Sealed design enables operation to 150 °C with glycol/water and accessories
  • Adapters
    Adapter 8891712 M38x1.5 m to M38x1.5 m $233.00 View
    M38 nuts 8970497 $209.00 View
    Twin distributing adapter 8890144 M38x1.5 f to 2x M38x1.5 m $655.00 View
    Adapter 8890089 M38x1.5 f to M38x1.5 f $580.00 View
    Adapter 8890100 M38x1.5 f to NPT 1″ m $423.00 View
    Adapter 8890101 M38x1.5 female to NPT 1″ f $423.00 View
    Adapter 8890102 M38x1/5 f to NPT 1 1/4″ m $423.00 View
    Adapter 8890103 M38x1.5 f to NPT 1-1/4″ f $423.00 View
    Adapter 8890104 M38x1.5 f to tube 1″ $423.00 View
    Elbow fittings 8890122 M38x1.5 f/m $583.00 View
    Twin distributing adapter 8890134 M38x1.5 f to 2x M38x1.5 m $865.00 View
    Quad distributing adapter 8890135 M38x1.5 f to 4x M38x1.5 m $1,654.00 View
  • Bath Fluids
    Thermal P90 5L $1,023.00 View
    Thermal P90 10L $1,972.00 View
    Thermal P60 5L $1,137.00 View
    Thermal P60 10L $2,122.00 View
    Thermal EG 5L $217.00 View
    Thermal EG 10L $391.00 View
  • Boosters
    Booster Pump for PRESTO units 8810020 $9,475.00 + View
  • Filters
    Particle filter for cooling water cycle 8920000 $1,756.00 View
  • Hoses & Tubing
    Vacuum insulated metal tubing, 1.5m, M38x1.5f $2,015.00 View
    Vacuum insulated metal tubing, 2m, M38x1.5f $2,295.00 View
    Vacuum insulated metal tubing, 3m, M38x1.5f $2,857.00 View
    Vacuum insulated metal tubing, 5m, M38x1.5f $3,957.00 View
    1.5 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930331 $149.00 View
    2 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930332 $161.00 View
    1.5 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930341 $185.00 View
    2 m Flexible braided tubing G 3/4″ 8930342 $216.00 View
  • Networking & Software
    USB Cable 9900110 $40.00 View
    USB 2.0 Repeater 9900112 $80.00 View
    USB 2.0 Repeater 9900114 $97.00 View
    Profibus DP Interface 8900020 $2,229.00 View
    RS485 Interface 8900024 $2,229.00 View
    PRESTO Electronic module 8900105 $839.00 View
    EasyTemp Professional’ control software 8901105 $2,181.00 View
  • Plugs
    External Pt100 connector 8980131 $105.00 View
  • Sensors
    24″ PTFE Pt100 sensor 8891002 $838.00 View
    36″ PTFE Pt100 sensor 8891004 $1,080.00 View
    48″ PTFE Pt100 sensor 8891006 $1,203.00 View
    12″ SS Pt100 sensor 8891018 $507.00 View
    12″ PTFE Pt100 sensor 8891019 $824.00 View
    8″ SS Pt100 sensor 8891031 $479.00 View
    8″ PTFE Pt100 sensor 8891032 $779.00 View
    M38 in-line Pt100 sensor 8981023 $1,202.00 View
    M38 Pressure Sensor $1,034.00 View
    20mm SS Pt100 sensor 8981006 $756.00 View
    PRESTO Pt100 module 8900106 $462.00 View
  • Valves
    M38 Shut-off valve 8970853 $2,071.00 View

PRESTO W56x Videos

Absolute Temperature Calibration (ATC) – PRESTO

Learn how to perform an ATC, or Absolute Temperature Calibration, on your PRESTO unit.

Analog Connections – Overview

In this video Electronics Service Team Leader, Nelson Hill, will discuss the various analog interface options that some of our products have as either optional or standard, including stand-by input (STAND-BY), alarm output (ALARM), and programmer input/temperature recorder output (REG+E-PROG).

Analog Connections – PRESTO

In this video Electronics Service Team Leader, Nelson Hill, will discuss the various analog interface options that apply to PRESTO units.

CERhost Software Program – PRESTO

Learn how to connect your PRESTO to the CERhost program, which duplicates the front screen controls on your computer at your desk.

Connecting to EasyTEMP Software – Ethernet Interface

Learn how to connect your PRESTO or MAGIO circulator to EasyTEMP using the Ethernet connection.

Data Logging – PRESTO

In this video you will learn how to record data from your PRESTO to a USB stick or an SD card. . This allows you to record data from the unit’s operation without having to connect it to a computer.

Downloading Black Box Data – PRESTO

Learn how to download black box data from the PRESTO product line. Make sure you have a USB stick no more than 2 GB large, formatted in FAT32 and make sure there are no other files on the USB stick.

External Pt100 Sensor Control – PRESTO

Learn how to set up your unit for external Pt 100 control, using a PRESTO product.

How-to fill your PRESTO temperature control system

Learn how to fill your PRESTO temperature control unit with bath fluid.

Internal Programmer – PRESTO

In this video, Nelson Hill explains how to use the internal programmer on a PRESTO temperature control system.

JULABO USA PRESTO Family of Products

Check out our PRESTO product line. It’s our most advanced temperature control system. Its closed bath system design and cold oil overlay technology allow you to do things you can’t do with traditional open bath systems.

Overview of PT100 Sensor, Bandlimits, Time Temp Data, and Black Box

In this video, Sr. Product Manager Mark Diener, talks about the importance of external temperature control using Pt100 sensor and monitoring the temperature in your glass reactor.


Welcome to JULABO. Today, I’d like to talk about the PRESTO A80 and A80t. They look identical and they both have the same temperature range from -80°C to 250°C. They both utilize the cold oil overlay, which enables a very broad temperature range with one fluid. If you’re doing cold temperature applications for cannabis workflow, the A80 will work well for you. It only requires a 20-amp, single-phase 208-to-200-volt outlet. So at -40°C, both models have 1.1kW of cooling power at -40°C and 650 watts of cooling power at -60°C. For cold temperature applications in the cannabis or hemp workflow, these are great hydrocarbon extraction cooling, crystallization, winterization, and anything that might need 1.1kW at -40°C. Also for ethanol extraction, it can be used for smaller-scale centrifuges, for example. On the high end, the A80t offers 2.8kW of heating power. So, you could use the PRESTO A80t for application in vessels up to 20-50 liters, if you will, for decarb. So, in that case, the PRESTO A80t could be used on a reaction vessel for decarb and then also for winterization before that. And, later on, then, you could do crystallization for example if you’re trying to make diamonds or other types of solid, high-purity isolate products. So, if you have any more questions, please click the link to learn more about the PRESTO A80 and A80t products. Thank you.

PRESTO Fill Procedure

Watch this video to learn the fill procedure with the PRESTO unit connected to a glass reactor.

PRESTO Pressure Limits

Watch this video to learn PRESTO pressure limit settings, especially if you’re using a jacketed glass reactor.

Remote Control – PRESTO

Learn how to set your PRESTO to be controlled using RS232, USB, or the Ethernet interface.

Updating Configuration – PRESTO

In this video Senior Customer Service Support Technician, Mary Pop, will demonstrate how to update the configuration on our PRESTO temperature control systems.

Which industries use the PRESTO product line?

In this video, Sr. Product Manager Mark Diener discusses key industries that use PRESTO product lines. Mark talks about engineers and chemists in pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, and cannabis markets and the type of applications that need a PRESTO in their lab.

Why is the PRESTO product line ideal for temperature control unit applications?

In this video, Sr. Product Manager Mark Diener, discusses why the PRESTO product line is ideal for temperature control applications, specifically because of the cold-oil overlay technology.