My JULABO has a Stakei outlet. What are they and what are they used for? - JULABO USA
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My JULABO has a Stakei outlet. What are they and what are they used for?

Although it might sound like something that Spock would ask Scotty on Start Trek, a Stakei outlet has nothing to do with science fiction or spaceships. Stakei (pronounced: stock-eye) ports provide a lockable voltage outlet connection for control of external devices. JULABO units incorporate 2-pin Stakei outlets.

What does a Stakei outlet look like?

JULABO installs Stakei outlets on the back of certain immersion circulator models; FL, FC and SemiChill chiller systems.

Here’s an example from the back of a MAGIO MX:


Some models might have 2 Stakei outlets.

These connect to a Stakei plug of an accessory part:

JULABO Models with Stakei Outlets

Open bath systems with circulator models: HL, SL, MS, MX.

FC chillers: FC600, FC600S, FCW600, FCW600S, FC1600, FC1600S, FC1600T, FCW2500T

FL chillers: FL2503 through FLW20006

SemiChill: All models including combinations for SC2500a, SC2500w, SC5000a, SC5000w and SC1000w

Other: older legacy products and custom units can have Stakei ports.

Stakei Uses

Cooling water activation: A common application with the Stakei port involves heating circulators. All JULABO open bath heating circulators incorporate a cooling coil. If you wish to have your application cool down faster from an elevated temperature; installing a cooling water solenoid valve set on the integrated cooling coil with a water source will accomplish this. Adjusting some settings in the circulator will open the cooling water solenoid when entering a lower temperature set point. See .

Water refill function: The same cooling water solenoid valve set as above can also act as an automatic bath tank refill device. For example, if your SL-12 heating circulator uses water to 70 °C for extended time periods, eventually the water level will drop due to evaporation and potentially triggering a low fluid level warning. With the cooling water valve in refill mode on the circulator and tubing into the bath tank, it will open when the low-level warning (E-40) appears. Once the water level rises, the E-40 message will disappear and the valve will shut. No more worries about running out of water in your heating circulator!

HSP Booster pump integration: Ultra-low refrigerated heating circulator models FP(W)52/55/90/91 requiring higher flow rate and/or pressure can utilize the HSP booster pump. When equipped with the HSP booster pump, the Stakei outlet connection activates the HSP booster pump when the unit operates.

In-Line Solenoid: If your application installation has the circulator lower than the external application you might be concerned about bath fluid siphoning or backflow into the circulator when not operating. All JULABO models mentioned above with Stakei outlets can use an in-line solenoid valve set. The Stakei outlet opens/closes a solenoid valve on the return fluid port which a spring-loaded catch valve installs on the fluid outlet port. This eliminates any fluid backflow when with the pump off. Note: the solenoid valves have temperature and bath fluid limitations.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Stakei ports extend the operational capability of your JULABO unit with accessory solenoid valves or booster pump. If you’re interested in discussing how a Stakei outlet accessory can benefit your workflow contact your local JULABO account manager or email [email protected].


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