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HST Booster Heater

How can I add additional heating power using an HST booster heater?

JULABO heating circulators and refrigerated/heating circulators come equipped with varying heating capacities dictated by the model and line voltage. Heating power ranges between 1, 2 or 3 kW in these models.

Specifications for the 2kW and 3kW systems relate to 230V power supply. Operating on 208V will result in reduced heating power:

Heating capacity and voltage chart

The unit pump and refrigeration system (cooling capacity, if applicable) will perform to the stated specifications at either voltage.

Kick it up a notch

Does your application require more heating capacity than the standard product provides? Select 230V, 3kW heating capacity JULABO models can accommodate a booster heater (HST) which increases the heating power an additional 6 kW at 230V (4.9 kW at 208V). This additional heating power adds to the 3kW heating power of the heating circulator for 9 kW total.

Models with booster heater options:

Adding the HST booster heater will either require an additional 3-phase power supply or increased amperage to the temperature control unit. The HST does not require installation at a JULABO facility making the heating power upgrade easy at the customer site.

When would you need a boost?

If your application heating capacity requirements change after installation of a temperature control unit then adding a HST becomes a simple fix.

For example, installation of a SL-12 heating circulator on an application providing heat to affect a phase change of a compressed liquid into the gas. The phase change from a liquid to a gas causes cooling which the SL-12 combats to keep the process efficient. If the process throughput increases beyond the 3kW heating capacity of the SL-12 causing the temperature to drop, then adding the HST booster heater to the SL-12 will fix the problem. Since the addition of the HST does not increase the unit footprint, this presents an excellent solution.

Another example: a FP55-SL used to control a 50L glass reactor at low temperatures. The process calls for a fast heat up time which the standard 3kW heating power from the SL cannot meet. By simply adding the HST accessory the FP55-SL can meet the faster heat up requirement.

HST booster heaters deliver a heating capacity boost to heating circulators and refrigerated/heating circulators They provide an easy way to increase heating capability in the laboratory. Contact us for help finding the HST booster heater for your application. You can also discuss your heating application and any issues you may be having directly with our team. Mark Diener, our senior product manager, and application scientist, holds weekly office hours to answer your questions, Mon/Fri 1-3pm ET. Contact Mark for any questions you may have about your heating application.


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