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How Bath Fluid Viscosity Affects Temperature Applications And Your JULABO Unit

If you’ve heard the saying, “slow as molasses in January,” you already know something about viscosity. To understand viscosity on a basic level, think about water and then think about molasses. Molasses is thick and moves slowly; it’s more viscous than water. Simply put, water has a lower viscosity and flows more easily than molasses due to its lower viscosity. When it comes to bath fluids, understanding viscosity can help you understand how your JULABO temperature control system works and how it will perform.

Viscosity is a measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow, and it’s one of the most important physical properties of thermal bath fluids. Bath fluids that are too viscous strain pumps, components, and mechanisms and interfere with heat transfer and uniformity.

There’s a direct correlation between temperature and your bath fluid’s viscosity. Since your bath fluid will experience a variety of temperatures, the viscosity will change as your application is heated or cooled to your set point. You can remember it this way: viscosity changes with temperature, and viscosity decreases as temperatures increase. The reverse is also true; viscosity increases as temperatures decrease. Therefore, selecting a thermal bath fluid with the proper viscosity for your temperature range and JULABO unit is extremely important.

When pairing thermal bath fluids with JULABO units, we recommend low-viscosity fluids to optimize flow and your unit’s performance. You can see the viscosity grades of our fluids in the product data sheets. We have carefully paired specific bath fluids with specific JULABO temperature control units, circulators, and systems to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your application.

If you’re wondering which bath fluid to use in your JULABO, we have created a guide to help. You can download our Bath Fluids Explained chart to find the proper fluid for your unit. Can’t find your manual? Don’t worry; download our JULABO App to access our manuals quickly. Download it for Google Play or Apple. If you need personal assistance, contact your account manager, and they’ll be glad to ensure you have the correct bath fluid with the appropriate viscosity to keep your applications flowing.

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