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SC2500a SemiChill

Recirculating Chillers

Part Number: 9500025

Recirculating Cooler for industrial applications (basic model, additional options for specific requirements available). The SemiChill series offers powerful recirculating coolers. These units have been especially designed for applications in the semiconductor industry. Five models are available, with cooling capacities from 2.5 to 10 kW (air- or water-cooled). Working temperature ranges from +5 to +35 °C which can optionally be extended from -20 to +130 °C. Also available is a selection of powerful pumps. The units can be modified to provide heater capacities up to 5 kW. Selection between different electronic modules to conform to simple or high demands such as, for example flow rate and conductivity measurement, external temperature control or integration of the coolers via analogue signals, RS232, devicenet or ethernet. A large range of accessories and options including DI filters, microfilters, USB adapters, etc. is available.

Part Number
Voltage Version
Heating & Cooling
Working Temp Range (°C)
PCF Pressure (psi)
PCF Rate (l/min)
Part Number
Working Temp Range (°C)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity
°C 0-1020
Voltage Version
Power A
Plug Type
PCF Pressure (psi)
PCF Rate (l/min)
Bath Fill Volume (L)
External Devices
External Temp Probe|Remote Control
Fluid Type
Water, Silicone, Water/Glycol, Fluorinert/Galden
Heating & Cooling
Dimensions W x L x H (in)
19.3 x 24.4 x 41.3
Weight (lbs)
  • For the most demanding applications
  • Space-saving, no lateral ventilation
  • Handles and castor make relocation easy
  • Industrial grade mains power switch and emergency cut-off
  • Pressure gauge
  • Liquid level indicator
  • Front filling port
  • Low noise level
  • PID temperature control
  • ATC3 3-point calibration
  • Early warning system for low liquid level
  • Warning and safety functions
  • Modular design allows selection between different options
  • Air cooled model
  • Adapters
    Barbed fittings 8890036 tubing 1/2″ ID To NPT 3/4″ female $145.00 View
    Barbed fittings 8890037 tubing 5/8″ ID To NPT 3/4″ f $152.00 View
    Adapter 8890038 NPT 3/4″ f to M16x1 m $296.00 View
  • Bath Fluids
    Thermal EG 5L $217.00 View
    Thermal EG 10L $391.00 View
    Thermal C10 5L $1,342.00 View
    Thermal C10 10L $2,665.00 View
    Thermal C5 5L $894.00 View
    Thermal C5 10L $1,777.00 View
  • Filters
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920017 $2,007.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920018 $1,296.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920019 $1,296.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920020 $1,296.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920036 $1,859.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920038 $1,296.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920039 $1,296.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920040 $1,296.00 View
    DI-filter 8920005 $534.00 View
    Micro-filter cartridge 8920016 $2,007.00 View
  • Networking & Software
    Ethernet / RS232 interface converter 8980031 $2,257.00 View
    RS232 interface cable 8980073 $158.00 View
    USB to Serial RS-232 DB9 Adapter Cable 8900110 $198.00 View
  • Plugs
    Standby-plug 3 pole 8980133 $34.00 View
    Alarm plug 5 pole 8980135 $34.00 View
    REG EPROG-plug 6 pole 8980136 $34.00 View
    Stakei Plug 8980137 $34.00 View
  • Valves
    Drain port 8920100 for SemiChill $410.00 View