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What is PID temperature control, and how does it enhance laboratory applications?

PID temperature control features a feedback loop system that regulates the temperature of systems and processes. PID stands for Proportional, Integral, and Derivative, the three components within the controller. It’s used in various laboratory and industrial temperature control units to regulate and maintain stable temperatures. PID controllers adjust to the process environment by gradually increasing or decreasing temperatures to reach and maintain the desired setpoint.

How the PID Components Work in Temperature Applications


The proportional component responds to the difference between the desired setpoint and the actual temperature.


The integral component calculates the accumulated error over time and produces an output to keep the process steady.


The derivative component prevents overshooting and undershooting setpoints by calculating the rate of change of any errors and allows the unit to react to external temperature disturbances. 

Together, the proportional, integral, and derivative components adjust output and maintain temperatures at the desired setpoint. 

Benefits of PID Temperature Control for Laboratory Applications

  • Accuracy: PID controllers provide accurate and stable control of processes, helping to minimize errors and maintain precise setpoints.
  • Efficiency:  PID controllers can help optimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of a system.
  • Responsiveness: a PID controller constantly adjusts the output power to maintain desired temperatures.

JULABO Units with PID Controllers 

Most of JULABO’s chillers, refrigerated circulators, and temperature control systems feature PID temperature control, including the CORIO, DYNEO, and MAGIO circulators, PRESTO temperature control systems, FL recirculating chillers, and Cryo-Compact refrigerated circulators.

If you have questions about how PID temperature control can enhance your application or need assistance finding the ideal temperature control product to maintain your setpoints, contact your JULABO account manager, they’ll be glad to assist you. 


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