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Dirk Frese Director of Sales, Marketing, & Service

JULABO USA promotes Dirk Frese to Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Service

Allentown, Pennsylvania (April 18, 2019) JULABO USA announces the promotion of Dirk Frese, Ph.D. to vice president, sales, marketing and service. JULABO USA is a division of JULABO GmbH, an international manufacturer of temperature control technologies for laboratories, research, and industry. Frese has primary responsibility for sales, marketing, and service for the U.S.

“Dirk has been instrumental in JULABO USA’s growth and success. He’s helped us pursue new industries and added key efficiencies to our sales, marketing and service offerings. We’re delighted to promote him from director to vice president,” said Ralph Juchheim, president, JULABO USA.

The promotion comes with increased responsibilities for managing more employees and overseeing more processes and programs. “It’s funny my responsibilities aren’t changing much, there’s just more to it now that we’ve reached a certain size and a certain liability for it all working,” Frese explains.

Frese has been with JULABO USA for five years. He first learned about JULABO more than 20 years ago when he worked for a laboratory equipment and supply company in Zurich Switzerland. “I kept hearing one of the product managers talking about JULABO. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but then I accompanied him on several large installations using JULABO equipment, and I quickly fell in love with the quality and accuracy of the equipment,” Frese explains. “Who knew that years later, I’d have the opportunity to work with JULABO and that they’d be instrumental in making one of my life dreams come true,” Frese added.

Frese, born in Germany, started his career as a biochemist before moving to the pharmaceutical, then laboratory equipment industries. He spent most of his career working in Germany and Switzerland with increasing travel and responsibility in the United States.

“I had a dream of one day living and working in the U.S. full-time. A few years ago, a former employee told me that JULABO was looking for someone in the U.S. and it all happened quickly from there. I interviewed with Markus Juchheim, managing director for JULABO GmbH and Ralph Juchheim, president of JULABO USA. I knew immediately I wanted to work with them. I already loved the products, so it was an easy decision,” Frese explained.

During Frese’s five-year tenure, he’s orchestrated several vital initiatives and innovations. The U.S. subsidiary has grown from the fourth most profitable subsidiary to the leading division outside of Germany.

Under Frese’s leadership, the company has added new service products including JULABO Shield and JULABO Red that help protect customers against downtime, delays and price increases. He also created a virtual delivery and installation service to support customers in setting up their equipment. The company is currently in the process of adding augmented reality and smart glasses technology to help service teams diagnose, repair, and maintain equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“A few months ago we introduced the JULABO Formula app, the first-of-its-kind in the industry. It allows customers to automate temperature calculations and determine heating and cooling capacities with ease. Before the app, they’d have to access a lot of calculations or depend on an equipment manufacturer to determine which products they needed. Now the formula does the math for them. That’s the kind of innovation that excites me,” Frese said. “We want to empower our team and our customers with information,” he added.

Frese has also tapped into new industries for the U.S, including aerospace, automotive, alternative energy and cannabis. “We’re focused on advanced technologies and emerging, sustainable industries. We’ve quickly become the go-to leader in cannabis, space exploration, and electric cars. It’s been really exciting to be on the cutting edge of solutions that will improve the health and well-being of people,” Frese commented.

“Dirk’s promotion is a testament to his hard work, success, and the ability to serve those who serve our customers,” Juchheim added. “We’re looking forward to more growth and innovation in the next few years and supporting Dirk with his ideas related to marketing, sales and service,” Juchheim continued.

“In the next few years, my goal is to do more with predictive service, allowing us to help current customers maintain their equipment and succeed with their scientific applications. We want to serve more industries and add more value and expertise. My philosophy is to support those who are striving to make a difference in the world. I want to remain open and accessible to our team and their ideas. I try to model a can-do philosophy and inspire others. I see technical innovations, sustainable growth, and socially responsible programs as the key to our future.” Frese concluded.

To learn more about JULABO USA, visit us at julabo.us.


JULABO, USA is the leader in precise temperature control solutions for applications in science, research, laboratories and industry. Products include refrigerated circulators, heated circulators, temperature control systems, recirculating chillers, water baths, flow-through coolers, viscometer baths, sous vide cooking solutions and various accessories.


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