Why Choose JULABO USA?

The Benefits of Choosing JULABO USA for Your Scientific Temperature Control

At some point during your search for the perfect temperature control unit, you’ll probably wonder what’s the difference between one manufacturer and another. What makes JULABO USA different from its competitors? What is in it for you if you choose a JULABO product instead of another brand?

When you’re shopping for a refrigerated circulator, heating circulator, heating immersion circulator, temperature control system, recirculating chiller, industrial chiller, water bath, or immersion cooler, there are a few things you want to be sure of.

Requirements for Selecting a Temperature Control Unit for your Lab

  • The unit meets your specifications, including heating and cooling capacities and temperature ranges.
  • The temperature control equipment will run your process and application without failures, delays, or disruptions.
  • The temperature control unit will enhance and optimize your operations, not create more hassles or slow you down.
  • The unit is easy to use, maintain, and keep running.
  • The company is easy to do business with, cares about your business and industry, and provides personal assistance before, during, and after you make a purchase.

Choosing a Manufacturer that Will Support You

One of the most important differentiators when choosing one brand over another is how the company approaches your business. Who will be there for you before, during, and after the purchase? What can you expect, and what will you get if you do business with the manufacturer? What are their values, what are they committed to, and how does it make a difference in your business?

Advantages of Working with JULABO USA

1. Personalized Product Recommendations

Our account managers, service team, and application scientist collaborate extensively to ensure the products and solutions we recommend are the perfect fit for your lab, process, and business goals.

Sizing a temperature control unit is a science in itself. There’s a lot to consider, including crucial calculations for heating and cooling capacities. Understanding the product’s features, benefits, specifications, and how these factors impact your lab can be overwhelming. A personalized product recommendation can save time by helping you narrow down your selection and navigate your options based on essential calculations, features, and benefits. Having expert assistance can also save you money and lower overall investment costs by factoring in the long-term costs of ownership and other operational costs such as energy and water usage. Our product guidance increases confidence in your purchasing decision. It lowers your risk by ensuring you get a unit that enhances your application, process, and operations rather than one that creates additional frustrations or hassles for those who use and maintain it.


2. Intelligent Design

Design and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking for the bells and whistles that will make your life easier in the lab, we have them, and we’ve made them easy to use.

Our temperature control units offer intuitive displays and programming menus that streamline workflows. Our refrigeration and heating components, as well as our pump designs, provide greater control over your processes, setpoints, heat-up and cool-down times, flow rates, and other vital factors. Many of our temperature control units feature designs that allow for remote control operations, easy external temperature control, data capturing and logging, and programmable steps and processes. We also offer space-saving designs that will enable you to place the temperature control unit as close to the application as possible. Additional design features include safety considerations, alarms, and solutions for ambient environments with high temperatures and humid conditions.


3. Lower Cost of Ownership

Reasonable pricing and warranties are an excellent place to start, but JULABO USA goes beyond that to ensure your unit performs like-new for as long as possible.

Maintenance planning can go a long way in making sure your temperature control is there when you need it. With services such as JULABO Shield, our routine and preventive maintenance plans, and JULABO Crystal, our fluid testing service, we help lower the cost of ownership, decrease downtimes, and protect your investment. We offer a range of options that extend your temperature control equipment’s life and help eliminate unwanted surprises and disruptions.


4. In-Depth Technical Support

Our service team and in-house application scientist have extensive expertise and are available to personally assist you before, during, and after your purchase.

We’re committed to providing friendly and knowledgeable support for complex applications, routine maintenance, equipment calibrations, user training, installation, and any question you may have about your JULABO equipment. Our application chemist, refrigeration experts, service technicians, and electronics professionals have in-depth experience with our products and are available to you before, during, and after your purchase. Our goal is to get you the information, answers, and support you need when you need it. Whether it’s by phone, email, chat, or social media messages, we’re dedicated to getting you the correct information and solutions as quickly as possible. We also offer the JULABO USA app that provides easy access to heating and cooling calculations, product information, and direct access to your account manager.


5. Commitment to Science & Industry

We freely share our knowledge of process heating and cooling to enhance scientific endeavors and industrial processes. We’re also dedicated to giving back to the community and advancing science through our partnerships.

We create specific content to nurture a better understanding of thermodynamics, refrigeration, and the impact temperature control equipment has on scientific research and product quality, yields, and safety. We actively support industries by collaborating directly on proprietary and confidential temperature applications. We’re invested in helping our local community and supporting the next generation of scientists, engineers, and refrigeration technicians. Our partnership with the non-profit WISDOM helps women in science and engineering transition from academia to industry, ensuring a brighter, more inclusive future for numerous industries.

Our Commitment to You

Needs and specifications may differ from customer-to-customer, but everyone deserves reliable, easy-to-use temperature control that enhances their operations, applications, and science. We know that temperature control directly affects research, innovation, yields, product quality, safety, and revenues. We also know that equipment is only part of the consideration. Who you do business with also matters.

Personalized product recommendations, intelligent design, in-depth technical support, a commitment to science, and a commitment to lowering ownership cost are how we approach our business. We’re committed to these principles to ensure you get the high-quality temperature control solution and support you need to advance your science and business.

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