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Switch to Win: Why and When to Switch your Temperature Control Equipment

Switches are powerful. One flip of a switch can illuminate the darkness.

Engineers use switches to make or break a connection. And the act of making a shift can change your direction and give you an advantage.

Nintendo thought a lot about switches prior to launching the Nintendo Switch, a gaming console that allows players to switch between a standard set-up and a mobile, play-on-the-go version. By reconfiguring the switch, Nintendo revolutionized gaming, and how it’s played. Their innovation got us thinking.

JULABO & the Power of Switch

As a laboratory equipment manufacturer, we know how powerful a switch can be. We’re constantly evaluating our switches, buttons, and controls to ensure they’re intuitive, easy-to-use, and enhance the user experience.

In addition to the switches that control our equipment, we’re also fascinated with the act of switching. How do you know when it’s time to make a conscious change in order to improve results or enhance performance? When do you need to consider switching to another method?  And how do you know if making a switch is worth it?


We can’t tell you when it’s time to switch things up in your personal life, but if you’re wondering about your lab equipment, check out some of the top reasons people like you switch to JULABO for their liquid temperature control.

  1. You can flip a switch and walk away. JULABO machines operate consistently, quietly, and with minimal intervention.
  2. The interface is easy to read from a distance and we have built-in alarms, timers, and indicators to make operating our machines as intuitive and autonomous as possible.
  3. Many of the models make it easy to switch between internal and external applications.
  4. Switching temperatures is a breeze with quick heat up and cool down times.
  5. Our designs free up space in the lab. Most lab equipment requires a perimeter of space in order to function properly. We place our vents in the front and back, so you can place machines side-by-side.
  6. You can conduct extremely fast thermic reactions across a wide temperature range without having to switch the bath fluid.
  7. You have the ability to switch to external communication modes and capture your data remotely.
  8. It’s easy to switch out bath tanks and empty bath liquids safely and quickly with our innovative drain taps.

When to Switch Lab Equipment

When you’re ready to switch your lab equipment, we’re here to help. We support you with virtual and on-site delivery and installation support, extended warranties, technical and training support, and much more to make the transition easy.

But, how do you know if you need to change your lab equipment or supplement what you have with newer models? Here’s when you know it’s time for a change:

  • Your current equipment is unreliable or hindering your workflow.
  • You’re pushing your equipment to the max, and have been doing so for years.
  • You feel constrained by your current equipment, it’s limiting your freedom or the way you want to operate.
  • You’re growing quickly, and need more power, and more equipment to keep up with research, development, or production.

Switch Now & Win a Nintendo Switch

For a limited time, from now through July 4, 2019, we’re giving JULABO customers a chance to win a Nintendo Switch console.

To enter to win, answer one of the questions below and post the response with a photo or video using the hashtag #JULABOSwitch.

We want to know:

  • Why did your lab switch to JULABO?
  • Why are you considering a switch to JULABO?
  • What is your favorite feature or switch on your JULABO machine and how does it make your life easier?

Post your responses, comments, photos, and videos using #JULABOSwitch to our Instagram or  Facebook page.

Switching can be a game-changer. The Nintendo Switch reminded us of that. Now, we want to help you make a switch that improves your lab. Request a quote and your expert rep will help you make the switch to JULABO by helping you find the ideal equipment for your applications at the very best price possible.


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