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What’s the difference between the CORIO CD and CP?

JULABO USA’s CORIO CD and CP circulators may seem similar, but some essential differences exist. Before delving into the differences, let’s first look into their similarities.

CORIO CD and CP Similarities

The CORIO CD and CP are immersion heating circulators with an adjustable clamp for use with laboratory containers or bath tanks ranging up to 50 liters in volume. The CP and CD circulators offer 1kW heating power in 115V and 2kW heating power in 230V. When paired with BCx bath tanks in (x = ) 4, 6, 12, and 26L, they perform as heating circulators for internal or external applications.

Adding refrigeration units to the CD and CP creates a refrigerated/heating circulator option ranging from 200W to 1kW cooling power for internal or external applications.

The CORIO CD and CP include USB-B ports for external communication, a USB-A port for data-logging via a USB memory stick, and a manually adjustable flow diverter valve. This valve allows the user to alter the internal or external flow ratio. Each circulator functions with M16x1 male pump connections for fluid flow to external applications.

CORIO CD and CP Differences

Temperature Ranges

The CORIO CD provides an upper operating temperature of 150 °C, while the CORIO CP goes up to 200 °C. Temperature stability with the CD = ±0.03 °C with the CP providing ±0.02 °C.


The CORIO CD offers 1-point calibration. The CORIO CP incorporates 1, 2, or 3-point calibration capability for tighter temperature control.


The CORIO CD has a single-speed pump with a maximum flow rate of 16 liters a minute and pressure of 5 PSI. The CORIO CP has a stronger, adjustable speed pump providing 8 to 27 liters per minute flow and pressure from 1.5 to 10.2 PSI.

I/O (Input/Output) Operations

The CORIO CP incorporates an RS232 communication port for external control using a null modem RS232 cable. The CORIO CD only has a USB communication port.

Refrigeration Combinations

With refrigeration systems, the CORIO CD has a maximum range of -40…+150 °C with the CD-1000F unit and 130W cooling power at -40 °C. The CORIO CP-1000F has an operating range of -50…+200 °C with 110W at -40 °C. The lower cooling power with the CP-1000F relates to the stronger pump.

Appearances: How to Tell the CORIO CP and CD Apart

On the front, both units appear identical at first glance, but upon careful inspection, the CORIO CP includes a MENU button on the user interface.

The back of the units are also slightly different, as the CORIO CP has a visible RS232 port.


The CORIO CD and CP provide liquid temperature control solutions in heating and refrigerated/heating combinations with a slight twist. For basic applications requiring -40…+150 °C, the CORIO CD product combinations provide excellent value. The CORIO CP products offer extra sophistication with more pumping power and additional I/O capabilities from -50…+200 °C.  

Finding A CORIO Circulator for your Application

Learn more about the CORIO CD models and the CORIO CP models and shop for the model that fits your needs on our website. If you need help determining which CORIO circulator is best for your application, contact us; we’ll be happy to help. You can also discuss your cooling application and needs directly with our team. Mark Diener, our senior product manager and application scientist, holds weekly office hours to answer your questions. Contact Mark for any questions you may have about your cooling application. 

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