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Product Design and Why It Matters in Liquid Temperature Control

JULABO products feature an intelligent design that makes them easier to use. Our products include numerous design features that enhance operations, user experiences, and workflows. In a recent video, I highlighted a few of these features, including our various control screens and easy-to-remove front grills that allow you to quickly and efficiently drain fluids and clean condensers.

Product design and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand, and easy-to-use features significantly affect laboratory applications. JULABO USA provides a broad portfolio of products with innovative bells and whistles, too many to list in one article. These features simplify laboratory work and processes and allow customers to push their science and production. These design details matter and are often one of the reasons people choose JULABO.

JULABO USA’s Product Design Advantages

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular design features:

  1. Ventless, solid-sided equipment allows users to place the JULABO unit next to an application or other equipment. This saves precious space in the lab since you don’t have to worry about leaving clearance space for side vents.
  2. Intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreens, menu prompts, and controllers keep users informed and allow them to adjust and control applications based on real-time data.
  3. Remote control operations allow customers to control temperature applications via a personal computer.
  4. Innovative pumps, refrigeration, and heating components provide greater control over processes, setpoints, heat-up and cool-down times, flow rates, safety parameters, and other vital factors.
  5. Accessible drain spouts allow users to quickly drain fluids without any leaks, spills, or mess.
  6. Magnetic front grills don’t require any tools to remove. These grill covers provide easy access for draining fluids and eliminating dust from condensers.
  7. Integrated Pt100 connections allow users to connect a Pt100 sensor quickly and easily to measure temperatures in an external application.
  8. Band limits protect glass reactors and sensitive applications.
  9. Multi-lingual and password-protected user settings protect data and expand possibilities.
  10. Integrated programmers allow users to save programs and process steps.
  11. Integrated interfaces make it easy to log and export data.
  12. Safety features including low-liquid alarms, temperature cut-offs, and more protect users and processes.
  13. Continuously adjustable and variable pumps provide greater control over applications.
  14. Multiple interface options allow customers to streamline workflows through integrated ports including:  USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Profibus, Stakei integration, analog options, and more.

The list could go on longer, and the design features mentioned above depend on the product and model. Still, every unit is designed with the user’s convenience, comfort, and goals in mind.

The Unique PRESTO Design

The PRESTO temperature control systems are worth mentioning for their unique and innovative design. The PRESTO is often considered the star of our portfolio, and with good reason. Its closed bath design allows customers to do things they can’t do with traditional open-bath systems, including:

  • Operate across a wide range of temperatures without changing the bath fluid
  • Work above the fluid flashpoint at high temperatures
  • Work at low temperature without worrying about ice build-up or moisture condensation
  • Quickly compensate for endothermic & exothermic events
  • Protect glass reactors and sensitive applications without purchasing additional pressure relief valves
  • Control flows with bypass valves and flow meters
  • Eliminate fluid evaporation, odors, off-gassing, and pump leaks

MAGIO Circulator Innovations

In addition, the MAGIO, our latest line of circulators, feature more interface options and the most advanced adjustable pressure/suction pump on the market. The MAGIO pump lets users fine-tune and adjust the pump speed to get the flow and pressure they need. Plus, MAGIO’s advanced, high-resolution touchscreen allows people to choose from three different layouts based on the types of charts, graphs, and information they want to see at-a-glance.

Intelligent Design: One of the Many Reasons People Choose JULABO

When it comes to circulators, water baths, chillers, and temperature control systems, intelligent product design provides a distinct advantage. How JULABO designs its products affects our customer’s success. Intelligent design is one of the reasons why customers continue to choose JULABO USA as their provider for liquid temperature control equipment.

In addition to Intelligent Design, we’re also committed to your success in other ways.

Personalized product recommendations ensure users get the best temperature control unit for their application.

Intelligent design influences how our products perform and how a user can integrate them into their daily work.

Lower cost of ownership helps the customer protect their temperature control investment and keep their JULABO running for as long as possible with as little downtime as possible.

Our in-depth technical support provides access to knowledgeable service and support teams to help you operate your systems and efficiently and keep them running in top form.

Our commitment to science and industry drives us to share the temperature information scientists and engineers need to solve problems and innovate for the good of society.

Conclusion and Next Steps

If you’re a laboratory scientist or engineer looking for the best equipment to heat or cool an internal or external application, we’d love to help. Our team will ensure you get the best temperature control unit for your application, including a product with all the design features, bells, and whistles you need to conveniently and comfortably streamline your workflow. To start a conversation, contact your JULABO account manager, they’ll be happy to help you.

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